Why must we replate gold and rose-gold jewellery?

Why must we replate gold and rose-gold jewellery?

Jewelleries are not mere decorative pieces – they are valuable and remind us of the significant events and milestones in our lives. But as it has been often said, time slows for no man and even the most prized belongings are not immune to tarnishing. This is especially so for jewellery with gold and rose-gold attributes, which tend to fade or tarnish with constant use. If you are wondering if it is possible to replate gold jewellery, the answer is yes, you must bring in your gold and rose-gold items for replating services because it can make your jewellery shiny and new again while also increasing its durability. 

At GIVA, we understand this issue and we make sure that our customers stay happy by providing them with lifetime free plating services on all our products.  Now, to know more about this advantage,  let me explain why replating is worth the expense and how it helps your cherished items.

1. Brings Back The Original Shine or Luster

Re-plating of gold and rose-gold jewellery can be done for various reasons such as to make the jewellery shine as it was when newly made. It is possible to get the plating to peel off due to exposure to other elements, frequent wearing, and contact with skin oils and cosmetics. Replating involves placing another layer of gold or rose gold on the piece, thus making it look new as if you have never worn it before.

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2. Enhances Durability

It not only makes your jewellery more attractive but also makes the life of your jewellery longer. The new layer of plating is implemented to serve as a shield against developing scratches, tarnish, or other forms of disfigurement. It is important, especially for the accessories you use often, for example, wedding bands, engagement rings, or any other pieces of jewellery that are close to your heart, like necklaces and bracelets.

Gold Radiance Diamond EarringsGold Radiance Diamond Earrings 

3. Preserves Sentimental Value

People attach great emotional value to jewellery it can symbolise achievement, relationships, or personal memories. Replating means that such valuable items can be stored for future generations to inherit and enjoy. Rather than discarding an item that serves a sentimental purpose and appears fading or worn out, you can restore it and continue finding value within it.

4. Maintains Consistent Appearance

Eventually, gold and rose-gold jewellery will fade in color and appearance, thus creating an undesirable appearance when matching with other jewellery. Replating helps in making the jewellery pieces look more consistent and also have an even tone. This is especially helpful for matching sets of jewellery, like wedding and engagement bling, that you intend to keep in alignment.

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Rose Gold Princess Set

  Rose Gold Princess Set

5. Cost-Effective Renewal

Replating is economical in that you do not have to buy new jewels you can just right the pieces you already have. Although good ornaments are costly, replating is cheap and can be done now and then to enhance the outlook of the jewellery. This means you can listen and enjoy daylights and masterpieces for several years without unearthing a hefty sum of money. If you choose GIVA, you are saving all your money on this service as we offer you free lifetime plating service on all our products. 

6. Customisation Opportunities

Of course, replating provides an opportunity to adjust the look of your jewellery. If you want to change the look of your jewellery, one way is to replate your pieces with another type of gold, get yellow gold pieces plated in rose gold, or the opposite. This not only gives the jewellery a different, new look to it but requires one to buy all-new jewelleries which they cannot afford.

Rose Gold Leafy Loop Set

Rose Gold Leafy Loop Set 

7. Environmental Benefits

Choosing to replate your jewellery is also a great decision from the perspective of environmental conservationism. This way, you lessen the need to invest in new gold mining; a process, which globally has raised a lot of concerns due to its effects on the environment. Replating also helps to follow the principles of sustainability because it means your jewellery lasts longer and people do not throw it away.

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Enjoy the GIVA’s lifetime Free Plating Service on All Products 

GIVA suggests that it is advisable to replate gold and rose-gold jewellery because it is an economical and worthy procedure that brings the items to their natural shine, and durability, and keeps the sentimental memories of the beloved belongings. It is an efficient method of maintaining the piece’s appearance, while also having the potential for personalisation and boosting environmental responsibility. Replating can range from your family treasures to your everyday pieces of jewellery and getting this done means that your jewellery can go on to be your pride and joy for several more years.

When it comes to GIVA, we offer you lifetime free plating service on all the products. Your happiness is our major concern and we want you to enjoy being our esteemed customer.
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