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Jewellery Sets

Your choice of jewellery says a lot about you. When you are into minimal jewellery it says how elegance and grace are important facets of your personality. While on the other hand, if you are into bold chunky pieces you definitely are a trendsetter.

Occasions also play a major role in deciding what jewellery goes with what. Moreover, with big and small celebrations lurking around now and then, fashion jewellery sets seem to be the need of the hour.

Buy Jewellery Set Online in India from GIVA

Our love for Indian Jewellery can never be surpassed and what better than authentic 925 silver to invest in, for the latest jewellery sets? GIVA has fine 925 silver jewellery with vintage, traditional, modern, boho to Pinterest-inspired styles. The best quality and style are here, at GIVA.

Types of Jewellery set

Unlike other jewellery pieces jewellery sets can't be divided into types but here are the three different plated jewellery set types you can find:

  1. Gold Plated Jewellery Sets: Nothing speaks of celebration more than gold-plated jewellery sets. Weddings and other special occasions are incomplete without a golden piece of jewellery. Moreover, they suit people of all skin tones and women of all ages.

  2. Silver Jewellery Sets: While gold is more of a show-stealer, silver jewellery speaks of subtle glam. At a wedding, silver jewellery is the best option for bridesmaids and wedding guests. Moreover, silver jewellery sets are your saviour when you are in a fix about going overboard with gold jewellery but still want to look glammed.

  3. Rose Gold Jewellery Sets: Rose Gold plated jewellery is what everyone is talking about. From celebrity brunch looks to red carpet, rose gold has made appearances everywhere. Thus, it makes complete sense to give our jewellery sets a modern twist with some rose gold magic.

Shop The Latest Collection of Jewellery Set Online

Jewellery sets are quite versatile. You can choose to just grab the pair of earrings for a minimal look or just the necklace for when you want your neckline to have all the attention. In any case, here are a few latest jewellery set recommendations to add to your jewellery pandora.

  1. Anushka Sharma Classic Silver Zircon Set: Zircons are your best friend when you are on a budget and still looking to add the glitz and glam. This set has just the right amount of glamour for a formal or casual event.

  2. Rose Gold Tree of Life Set: Women today are looking at jewellery as not just a piece of accessory but a form of self-expression and this rose gold set is exactly that.

  3. GIVA Signature Set: Silver and zircons create magic like no other and the GIVA Signature Set is a testimony to that.