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About Rings

Rings are as important as any other piece of jewellery, if not more. They add that extra graceful touch to your entire look. However, rings can mean different things to different people. Some can’t step out without their rings while for others, it reminds them of the love they share with their significant others. A ring with a gemstone serves as a ray of hope while a gold ring is an investment for many. Whatever may be the case, you can buy rings online easily through GIVA’s website and app.

Buy Rings Online in India from GIVA

Nobody ever said no to a pretty ring especially when you are spoilt for choices with GIVA. The rings collection at GIVA ranges from different tones like silver, gold, rose gold to coloured stones, zircons, and a couple of bands.

Designer rings online are now more accessible than ever with GIVA and the plethora of designs they have to choose from.

Here are a few more reasons to buy fashion jewellery online with GIVA:

  1. Adjustable rings ensure they are no fitting issues
  2. Sterling silver base with gold and rose gold plating
  3. Rhodium finish to prevent tarnish
  4. Authenticity certificate shared with all GIVA Jewellery

Types of Ring

Rings for women can get a little intimidating at first, due to the tonnes of styles. However, to make it simpler, here are a few very common types of rings that will save you the time and effort you put into making your pick.

  1. Bands: These rings have a uniform width throughout and no apparent top. However, it can be engraved with names or gemstones depending on the style.
  2. Solitaire Ring: A solitaire ring is a ring with a band and just a single diamond, zircon, or any other gemstone.
  3. Signet Ring: Mostly worn by men, a signet ring has a flat or oval section at the front with initials or patterns carved into it.
  4. Halo Ring: A halo ring has a centre stone encircled by small studded stones which creates an illusion of a bigger center stone.
  5. Cluster Ring: A cluster ring has multiple stones, all of the different sizes clustered together on the top.

Shop the Latest Collection of Rings Online

In search of the perfect fitting ring? Or something that adds an oomph factor to all your looks? Here is the latest collection of the ring online at GIVA you should check out:

Anushka Sharma Silver Studded Rose Ring:

The perfect combination of elegance and grace is right here with the Anuska Sharma Silver Studded Rose Ring.

Anushka Sharma Silver Minimal Couple Rings:

These couple rings are just as beautiful as your love story. But still very subtle and minimal.

Rose Gold Heart-Melting Chain Ring:

This ring is just as unique as each of you DIVAs out there with the heart dangling from the chain!


1. How to identify silver quality in rings?

There are several ways to identify authentic silver, the most common one being a sterling silver quality mark of 925 engraved on the ring.

2. Are GIVA silver rings only suitable for Women?

No, GIVA has silver rings that are suitable for both men and women. Check out their latest collection of men’s rings here.

3. Does a GIVA silver ring turn black?

GIVA’s silver rings and all other jewellery, come with a rhodium finish to keep them from tarnishing and turning black.