Collection: Necklaces & Pendants

About Pendants

Pendants are one of those jewellery pieces that we have been adorning ourselves with since forever! It has been around for ages. With time, these pendants had different charms and styles depending on the place and their preferences. Today, you can find these in different colours like rose gold pendants, ones with quirky charms, and even customized pendants.

Pendants are one of the most versatile jewellery piece as they can be styled with both western and Indian wear. When stacked with pendants of different lengths it gives you the ultimate elegant and chic look.

Buy Designer Pendants Online in India from GIVA

When you are on a spree to buy pendants, GIVA is your one-stop shop. The range of pendants here is unbelievable. You can go on and on scrolling and never get tired of it. There are various metal finishes to choose from like silver, rose gold and gold. Along with that there are plenty of stones as well such as zircons, pearls, marcasite or coloured ones, and even customized pendants.

Here are some of the unbeatable reasons as to why you should buy pendants online for women from GIVA:

  1. Sterling Silver ensures you get the complete worth of your money

  2. Rhodium finish prevents tarnish

  3. AAA+ Quality Zircons ensure an everlasting shine

  4. Authentic freshwater pearls impart an unmatchable glow

Types of Pendant

If you thought you were aware of all the different types of pendants, think again. These are the five most popular types of pendants:

  1. Gemstone Pendants: As it is quite evident from the name gemstone pendants have a gemstone in their charm. These charms may be subtle or even bold depending on the style you prefer.

  2. Pearl Pendants: Pearls are a classic and how can you skip on pearl pendants! If you love to adorn yourself with pearls for your office looks, pearl pendants are a must-have in your collection.

  3. Statement Pendants: Making a statement with just a pendant is quite easy. All you have to do is pick one with a bold, quirky charm and there you are slaying.

  4. Casual Pendants: Any pendant that has a charm that can’t be pointed out for a distinctive style or symbol, is a casual pendant. You will have millions of styles to choose from casual pendants.

  5. Zircon Pendants: Zircon pendants can just have zircons as their charms or even be accompanied with coloured stones. These are quite classy and perfect for your party looks.

Shop the Latest Collection of Pendant Online

At GIVA, fresh styles are added every week. However, these are some of the latest pendants online for girls at GIVA:

1. Anushka Sharma Silver Affair Necklace:

You can never go wrong with the Anushka Sharma collection at GIVA and this is one of those.

2. Baby Pink Butterfly Pendant with Link Chain:

Looking to add some fun elements to your outfit? This is the way to go.

3. Rose gold Terrific Trio Necklace:

Rose gold pendants are all the rage now and this is GIVA’s take on a classic rose gold pendant.


1. How much does a silver pendant cost?

At GIVA, we believe in making fine silver jewellery accessible for everyone, and thus, our silver pendants start from just Rs.1,099.

2. What is the best silver to buy for a necklace?

The best silver to buy for a necklace is sterling silver which has 92.5% silver and 7% copper making it durable and long-lasting.

3. Do GIVA silver Pendants turn black?

GIVA’s silver Pendants and all other jewellery, come with a rhodium finish to keep them from tarnishing and turning black.