Jewellery Care Tips

Jewellery Care Tips

A beautiful piece of jewelry is a DIVA's best friend. It is a part of her mood, her character and compliments her vibe for the day. She doesn’t just wears it, she celebrates it. She flaunts it with a pride that spells joy and confidence.

Therefore, it is important that this joy and confidence remains intact for years to come. One of the best ways of doing that is by taking care of your jewellery in a proper way.

Here are some jewellery care tips to swear by so as to keep the shine, bling and the joy intact:

Each of your jewellery is special in a unique way. It deserves as much love as it shows to each of your looks. Show that love in the most caring way.

NEVER Store all the jewellery in one bag. Instead, store each piece separately in an individual zip lock bag. This will avoid the friction that may otherwise lead to scratches.

Excess moisture isn't really anyone's friend, so why would your jewellery like it? Your GIVA Jewellery is as gentle as YOU are and needs the same love and care.

It is best to keep minimal contact between jewellery and perfume or moisturiser. You can do this by applying them BEFORE wearing the jewellery and not on top of it. 

Your GIVA Jewellery is as precious and special as YOU! It is delicate and deserves all the care possible.

This is a small but very useful step can assure a longer life for your jewellery. All you have to do is remember that it should be the last thing you wear and the first thing you take off.

It is a known truth that if anything is kept in the sunlight for prolonged periods, it is bound to fade. Same is with your jewellery.

Do not store or keep your jewellery in the sunlight. This will cause the colour to fade

So, just remember to follow these simple tricks to take care of your jewellery and your GIVA will never leave your side! You can also checkout GIVA's silver anklet and rose gold jewellery collection for any special occassion.

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