GIVA Partnerships


Customized Coins

Highly crafted, customisable 999 Silver Coins


Customisable premium packaging, designed to flatter.


Modern & minimalistic 925 Sterling Silver jewellery, crafted with love.




Praneet Kacker, Assistant Manager Marketing Communications

The idea was to enhance the experience of our women’s day brunch for our guests, and what is more loved to them than jewellery. Collaborating with GIVA helped increase our footfall by 21% and conducting voucher distribution activities and contests encouraged a mass engagement on our social media like never before.

Akash Kumar

I did not believe that making a customized silver article would be this easy and could be done under 2 weeks. Really happy with the products and services

Kavya Sharma, Jaipur

Deciding on coins from GIVA was a no brainer, customization, attention to detail and the amazing product made it worth every rupee. They truly made my wedding gift extra special.

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