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About Toe Rings

Toe rings are a staple for every married woman. Modern chic elements graciously blended with your traditional values bind the auspiciousness of toe rings together. Handcrafted with love, these toe rings are imbued with minimal elegance that shines in its simplicity!

Got toe rings on our mind? Well, they would look better on that toe.

Happy Feet with GIVA Toe rings

Toe rings are a staple for every married woman. These traditional pieces of jewellery have gone through a major makeover with modern chic elements graciously blended with this conventional art.

The latest toe ring designs come in so many different colours and designs to make your pick from. From zircons to coloured stones to studded bands these go with every modern woman’s personality and persona.

Why buy Toe rings from GIVA?

While there are a plethora of brands doing contemporary rings, earrings, and bracelet designs, very few cater to toe rings. Even if you find a few, the designs are very typical and monotonous. GIVA with its widely appreciated range of collections is redefining typical jewellery along with its toe ring collection.

Being a jewellery piece that is going to be with you throughout, it is important that you don’t have to worry about it getting tarnished. Here are a few technical specifications that speak for themselves:

  1. AAA+ Quality Zircon Stones

  2. 925 Silver with 4 different finishes

  3. Adjustable size to ensure no fitting issues

  4. Hypoallergenic - Perfect for sensitive skin

  5. Rhodium e-coat to prevent tarnish

Best selling toe rings:

Thinking of taking the road less travelled by trying some unconventional toe rings? Here are some of the best selling toe rings from GIVA:

1. Silver Flower Toe Rings

We can never be charmed enough by the beautiful nature inspired toe rings - especially the floral ones! The Silver Flower Toe Rings are one of the exquisite pieces in our Bestsellers collection!

2. Silver Blue Blooming Toe Rings:

A little flush of colour is all we need. And what better than something as pretty as the Silver Blue Blooming Toe Ring to complement all of your outfits and footwear?

3. Silver Shimmer Flower Toe Rings

Gorgeous floral design with just the right hint of shimmer - who wouldn’t feel like a princess in it? Go for GIVA’s Silver Shimmer Flower Toe Rings to dazzle like no other!

4. Silver Crescent Flower Toe Rings:

Sometimes it is better to get a little old school and embrace its beauty. Our next bestseller - Silver Crescent Flower Toe Rings have been widely loved for it comes with a beautiful lotus flower embedded in it. No matter the age or your preference you cannot fall for this.

Types of Toe Rings:

Like any other jewellery you need not limit yourselves when it comes to the different types. So, here are the five different types of toe ring designs that women can’t seem to get enough of:

1. Sterling Silver Toe Rings:

These are the most common types of toe rings and are gifted during the wedding ceremony. They complement every skin tone equally and you can never go wrong with these.

2. Imitation Golden Finish Toe Rings:

Why settle for less when you can have more? Even gold plated toe rings have been gaining popularity and making their mark. These look extra exquisite with coloured stones that add a regal touch to them.

3. Jodavi:

Toe rings in Maharashtra have taken the name of Jodavi but the charm remains the same. The traditional glamour of toe rings are even prettier in this particular style that looks resplendent when worn!

4. Pola:

A unique touch to the usual toe ring design is a pola which has three toe rings attached by a loop. These are perfect for weddings or parties but the only drawback is that they can be a little inconvenient for daily wear.

5. Toe Ring with Payal:

Who doesn’t like the best of both worlds? Especially when you don’t have to think about buying matching jewellery. These toe rings with payals are just like haath phools but for your feet.

Latest Toe Rings in the Collection:

Want to keep up with all things hot and happening? This is our latest trending piece of Toe ring that you must check out!

One of our most favourite pieces from our latest assortments is the Silver Zircon Minimal Toe Rings! They look exquisite in the sheer zircon elegance and truly makes this jewellery piece even more stunning!

The toe ring saga doesn’t end here! Check out the Toe Rings collection at GIVA to make your pick and experience an unconventional take on these traditional love bands.


1. Which metal is good for the toe ring?

The best metal for a toe ring is sterling silver which has 92.5% silver and other alloys making it durable and long-lasting.

2. Why do we wear silver toe rings?

Toe rings for women, apart from a symbol of being married, hold health and acupressure benefits.

3. What finger do you wear a toe ring on?

Toe rings are usually worn on the second finger as its nerve endings are connected to the uterus and pass through the heart. Thus, the health benefits.