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Diksha Chaturvedi

star star star star star

The designs are really pretty, I ended up buying three items all together!! Staff was really good... suggesting designs as per needs.

charushila pawar

star star star star star

What a collection. They have such minimal and adorable designs we crave for nowadays. I really love their designs and the quality is also good. I love the fact that they even provide a cleaning cloth and a pouch to keep the jewelry tarnish free. I totally recommend this brand for the people who seek minimal and contemporary look.

Mira Begum

star star star star star

Love your collection... recently i hv bought pendent it's really amazing.. i can wear it on every dress.. plus very easy to cary silver is too good .. wanna buy more

Roshani Takwale

star star star star star

Elegant,loved it 😍
Thanks Giva for this beautiful bracelet..

Poornima Bakthavachalam

star star star star star

Got my hands on this beautiful piece and I can't tell you how pretty this looks 🤩
Am in love with the quality of this,also it looks soo beautiful on neck you guys!!

Rupsi Jain

star star star star star

We happened to visit Giva store today. I was always fond of their wide range of beautiful fine jewellery which is available online, but guess
what now they have their stores across Mumbai and Pune. You can find some unique collection of Rose gold plated, gold plated and silver jewellery. Also they have some beautiful fragrance available in store. Do visit guys and thank me later❤️

Sreemoyee Mukharjee

star star star star star

Loved everything about the Giva store at Rcity mall, Ghatkopar. The interiors are so pretty. Beautiful jewelry collection in sterling silver - ranging from trendy, stylish to party wear. They have earrings, necklaces, pendants, bangles / bracelets, rings to delight all kinds of customers. Highly recommend.

Riyaz Salmanee

star star star star star

Store has a great and fresh collection. It was nice to see a different style of design. Was given very good attention by shifa . Good product insight and great guidance by her. Will visit again.

Roma Trehan

star star star star star

Amazing collection.. cooperative staff....fully satisfied with the products.... looking forward for more shopping....Thanx Giva....Thanku Shakir for helping in choosing the products,😊

Nilam Chauhan

star star star star star

Awesome collection of Silver trendy jewellery with wide range of collections including rose gold as well as gold plated designs.. staff is very helpful to customers.. they helped me with my kind of choice and requirements.. over all I loved the collection ,staff and store is so attractive.. they have 30days of return policy too and other perks like some coupons & discount on next purchase etc… oh yes yes they have many adjustable designs which are very interesting..Do visit guys & Thank me later

Sagar Nakti

star star star star star

I visited Giva jewelry shop in seawood last week and I was very impressed by the service of Mr. vaibhav. He was courteous, knowledgeable and helpful. He showed me a variety of rings that suited my budget and preference.

Sana Shaikh

star star star star star

The service and quality of product are awesome
Ms. Sonali explained the style quotient properly and suggested the perfect thing to buy for gifting

maitri ashara

star star star star star

Very elegant and pretty collection. Miss Sonali helped in all purchasing and selection. Really sweet of her

Sneha Rawat

star star star star star

Had an amazing heart warming experience in GIVA, Vidhya -store manager(seawoods) was really sweet to repair my necklace which was a special gift from my best friend from her first salary ,couldn't have been more thankful.usually repair services are not provided at any other store but here at the GIVA store Vidya was too kind to let me go empty handed .

Would surely give them a 10/10 for their extended services

Anjali Zumbre

star star star star star

Had a very good experience. The staff is good and very helpful. Thanks Sonali for the discounts😊.

dhruvika parmar

star star star star star

We recently visited GIVA jewellery store which is located at Phoenix market city and we loved their unique collection ! Fine 925 silver jewellery is available! The designs are just fabulous! They have a variety of options to choose from ! They have beautiful rings , neck piece , and many more ! You can even shop from their website ! I will definitely recommend it to you ! It’s a perfect gift shop too !

Namrata Aasi

star star star star star

I had an excellent shopping experience at GIVA. The products are amazing and their offers are awesome. The staff is courteous and helps you decide based on your needs. Pricing is really affordable and there is something definitely available for everyone..
Thanks GIVA !!

Kajal Nankani

star star star star star

Amazing experience... GIVA has amazing and unique jewellery designss.. .I recently bought a chain pendant and the quality is just wow.... Loved the collections of jewellery in the store.

damayanti bhanushali

star star star star star

GIVA has such brilliant jewelry. Amazing experience with giva.Giva jewelry goes with every outfit. I loved the design it comes with warranty card. The staff in the store were also polite.

Upasana Rawal

star star star star star

Amazing Experience... The quality of jewellery is awesome & the designs are unique. And the main thing, they offer good collection of jewellery according to every occasion/festival. Amazing options for Gifting these awesome jewellery to your loved ones, family, friends etc. 100/% Genuine silver jewellery. Love you Giva ❤️

prathama parab

star star star star star

This was my first experience with Giva and I liked it. Ms Dhanashree was so polite and kind - she assisted me in shopping and she gave me her suggestions which were really helpful. I Your staff is great. I would like to see some more collection at your store.

Mandeep Vasan

star star star star star

Great experience! Really helpful and jovial staff. Ms Zainab was very forthcoming and pleasant and really helped us out with our shopping experience!

Saba Shaikh

star star star star

Nice collection GIVA... best service by zainab


star star star star

Helpful assistance and good availability.

takshashila pathade

star star star star star

We had purchased two pendant+chains under assistance by zenab. She explained evrything very nicely. Had a great experience.

Collection: Gold Mangalsutras

  • 18K Gold Glossy Diamond Mangalsutra
    18K Gold Glossy Diamond Mangalsutra
    ₹ 38,306.09
    ₹ 41,449.01
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Eternal Charms of Gold Mangalsutra: A Fusion of Tradition and Fashion at GIVA

In the tapestry of eternal love, the mangalsutra emerges as a sacred thread that binds two souls in matrimony. Derived from "Mangal," meaning auspicious, and "Sutra," signifying thread or cord, it holds profound significance in Indian culture. For centuries, this divine ornament has symbolised the beautiful journey of marriage, where two hearts intertwine to create a lifelong bond of love and commitment. Originating in the cultural cradle of South India, it was known as “Thaaly” or “Maangalyam”, a revered emblem of wedded bliss and marital harmony. Today, the mangalsutra stands as one of the three essential Soubagyalankar, representing the adornments that enhance a bride's grace and charm on her auspicious day.

GIVA's Glittering Collection: Mesmerising Mangalsutra Designs in Gold

At GIVA, we revel in the magic of eternal love and present an enchanting array of mangalsutra designs in gold, each one crafted with exquisite artistry. Our collection boasts a rich variety of mesmerising gold mangalsutra, delicately fashioned from 18K BIS certified gold, ensuring authenticity and brilliance that transcends time. Each piece weaves a tale of elegance and devotion, accentuating the profound significance of the sacred bond. To enhance the allure, our exclusive mangalsutra designs are graced with lab-grown diamonds, glistening like stars in the night sky, adding a captivating sparkle to your ensemble. These diamonds symbolise the eternal brilliance of love, reflecting your inner radiance with every graceful movement.

Modern Grace, Timeless Tradition: Mangalsutra Designs in gold

For the modern woman seeking to embark on love's unforgettable journey, GIVA presents a captivating fusion of tradition and fashion. We understand that while the essence of tradition remains timeless, the taste for fashion evolves with each generation. Our mangalsutra designs in gold are a delightful blend of classic elegance and contemporary allure, designed to complement the grace and style of the modern bride. We celebrate the beauty of heritage while embracing the spirit of innovation, ensuring that our gold mangalsutras are more than just a symbol of love—they are an expression of your unique personality and individuality. Our lab-grown diamonds, carefully set in each design, represent the enduring brilliance of your love story, capturing the modern woman's spirit of strength, grace, and independence.

GIVA Gold Mangalsutra: Life's Celebrations for the Modern Woman

Dedicated to empowering the modern woman, GIVA curates exquisite jewellery that complements life's every celebration. Our mangalsutra designs in gold perfectly embody the harmony of Indian tradition and western charm, making them ideal for those living abroad. We understand that even far from home, the heart longs for a piece of cherished tradition. Our thoughtfully crafted gold mangalsutras serve as a comforting reminder of love's roots and cherished values, bridging the distance between you and your cultural heritage. Embrace the nostalgia and sense of belonging as our exquisite pieces follow you wherever you go.

Step into a world where love, fashion, and tradition entwine in perfect harmony with GIVA's mesmerising collection of mangalsutra designs in gold. Each piece is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and artistry, exuding a charm that captures the essence of romance in every sparkling detail. With our enchanting gold mangalsutras adorning your neck, you carry not just a piece of jewellery but a symbol of eternal commitment, forever close to your heart. For the modern woman who seeks to cherish the roots of her love and embrace the joys of contemporary living, our mangalsutra designs are an exquisite embodiment of timeless elegance and modern grace. Celebrate life's most precious moments with GIVA, where love and fashion dance hand in hand, forever and always.