Socialising - THE GIVA WAY!

We know every person is special and it's our role to help them shine.

To accomplish this, our GIVA Fam believes in sharing every success with those in need, not just in terms of donations, but also doing our bit to teach them essential life skills

Shiny Little Tots

A day with the little ones is therapy in itself. These kids are such pure souls that simply mingling with them calms you heart.

Our GIVA Fam firmly believes that these bundle of joys deserve the best and has joined hands with Kritagyata, an orphanage that lavishes them with love and care, to give them an amazing childhood.

We spent an entire day with these little kids, laughing & making unforgettable memories. Trust us, they gave us so much more than we could every give them.

Smile and joy

Little kids are so full of potential and opportunity and our GIVA Fam believes that the right push can send them to great heights.

SMILE Foundation has been supporting underprivileged children for a long time. We love what they do and completely believe in their mission, so we tied up with SMILE by donating 20% of our sales.

Nothing better than bringing a big smile on the faces of a few little ones and provide them with the right chances.

Being caring

With world dealing with the Covid Pandemic turmoil, our GIVA fam did its part without any second thought.

While ensuring no one from our family had to face this dark phase alone, we also made donations to the PM Cares Fund. along with sanitizers to local hospitals facing a scarcity of resources.

At GIVA, we truly believe that we are stronger together.