About GIVA

About GIVA(jee-va)

Headquartered in Bengaluru, GIVA is a fine jewellery brand of silver, gold and lab grown diamonds. We have grown to be the largest D2C jewellery brand in India that has gained people’s trust as a go-to choice for gifting. GIVA's journey shines even brighter! GIVA strives to bridge the gap between online ease and in-store delight with its omnichannel experience.

Over the last five years, GIVA has partnered with various celebrities like Neha Kakkar, Shruti Haasan, Diana Penty, and  Bhumi Pednekar to promote exclusive collections. Renowned actor Anushka Sharma is our brand ambassador. 

What does the name GIVA mean?


The GIVA rhombus captures the magic of life's tiny sparkles: a twinkling eye, a warm smile, a fleeting spark of joy. The logo at the end of our name is also a nod to the inspiration behind choosing the word GIVA. Derived from the word 'hill' in Sanskrit, our logo reflects our name's meaning and is a potent symbol of your unstoppable climb. Scale your personal Everest and conquer your aspirations, one sparkle at a time with GIVA. 


It is also inspired from the Sanskrit word "jeeva" (जीव), meaning life, symbolising our aspiration to celebrate the beauty of life through our jewellery creations.


GIVA’s 100th Store

GIVA, born online in 2019, didn't just shake up the fine jewellery market - we redefined it. After establishing ourselves as a digital pioneer, we expanded into physical stores and major e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Myntra. From a single EBO in 2022 to over 100 sparkling stores across India, and now, our dazzling journey takes flight internationally with our first store in Sri Lanka! Having reached 100 stores, we're thrilled to expand into the world of gold and lab-grown diamonds.


Our Star Collections

Wings of Wonder collection

Introducing our Wings of Wonder Collection, where the elegance of avian beauty meets the artistry of enamel, coloured stones, and zircons. Wear and celebrate the vibrant colours of nature, every day

The Bhumi Collection

It highlights the lesser-known endangered flowers, with colourful, naturalistic enamelled jewellery that champions convertible jewellery, especially in gold-plated and rose gold.


VivaahDaSwag Collection

This collection is all about celebrating traditional jewellery with a modern edge, best suited for you to shine at the Great Indian Wedding, especially in gold-plated and rose gold. 


Cherry Pop Collection

This collection celebrates the colour of red that evokes passion, warmth and charm, especially in silver, gold-plated and rose gold.


Meet our Founders

Ishendra Agarwal, graduated from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Kanpur), where he honed his technical and business expertise. His entrepreneurial journey started right from his BTech years, where he developed a startup for connecting people. He founded GIVA, a clutter-breaking silver jewellery brand and scaled it to be the leading name in the silver jewellery industry. And now GIVA embarks into gold and lab grown diamond segments as well. Ishendra's focus on delivering outstanding customer service and his commitment to the omnichannel strategy have played a huge part in making GIVA a well-respected name in the jewellery industry. 


Nikita Prasad, a co-founder and Creative Head at GIVA (Silver. Gold. Lab Grown Diamonds), brings a wealth of expertise to the table. With a background in fashion from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) and a solid foundation in the jewellery industry, Nikita launched her career as an intern in a jewellery design department. Through the years she has honed her meticulous attention to detail, a quality that has been a driving force behind GIVA.