What is the meaning of Infinity Jewellery?

What is the meaning of Infinity Jewellery?

You have to be living under a rock if you have not already seen infinity jewellery everywhere on Instagram. It's been trending for quite some time and for all the right reasons.

The charm of infinity jewellery gets everyone. These beautiful, oh-so-pretty accessories look straight out of Pinterest and are Instagram-worthy. You see, it's not just a very cute and aesthetically pleasing design, but also a very meaningful one. 

Origin of the Infinity Symbol

Let's find out what infinity jewellery is all about.

The English word ‘infinity’ comes from Latin ‘infinitas’ meaning unlimitedness or unboundedness, which is originally derived from the Greek word apeiron which means without form or limit.

It is also believed that the origin of the infinity symbol is derived from Ouroboros, an ancient mystical symbol depicting a snake biting its own tail. The symbol represents infinity, continuity, immortality and eternal reproduction.

The infamous infinity symbol was first used by John Wallis in 1655 to signify a mathematical infinity i.e., an actual or potential endless quantity of values. However, infinity could mean a lot more than just a numerical value.

Meaning of Infinity Symbol

When you trace the infinity symbol it is impossible to find an ‘end’, it is an infinite loop, and that precisely is the meaning. In Celtic symbolism as well, the infinity Celtic knot means something that has no beginning or end.

This symbol that has no beginning or ending, is used to imply endlessness, that something will last forever, like never-ending love and hope, endless possibilities or infinite luck. 

Infinity could mean different things for different people, for some it might mean limitless opportunity and for some, it could mean endless faith. Infinity jewellery could also be a symbol of an unbreakable bond, whether it is a friendship or a relationship.

Infinity Jewellery and Endless Love

Infinity jewellery has been a rage amongst couples because of the meaning it carries. What better way to tell someone you want to spend the rest of your life with them right? Adding a name or a gemstone to the infinity jewellery gives it a personal touch.

The most popular infinity jewellery includes infinity rings, infinity bracelets and infinity symbol necklaces.  

This Silver Infinity Zircon Bracelet by GIVA is a perfect piece of jewellery to compliment your optimistic personality.

This Rose Gold Eternally Yours Ring by GIVA is on-point when it comes to expressing your eternal love.
You cannot go wrong with this Sparkling Infinity Pendant by GIVA to symbolise your beautiful bond. 

Infinity necklaces with names are favourite amongst people to symbolise their eternal love and bond. Infinity with heart necklaces meaning never-ending or limitless love are also very popular. Double infinity accessories meaning eternal commitment coming together is another highly liked piece of jewellery.

From its early symbolism to the modern derivatives, the meaning of the infinity symbol has remained the same- something that lasts forever! The profound meaning of the infinity symbol is what makes infinity jewellery meaningful and so precious. These are certainly the best gifts, for your loved ones and yourselves. 

A promise of infinity, a promise of forever!

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