Collection: Rose Gold Collection

Rose Gold - The Indomitable Fad

Yellow gold has been around for ages and while nothing has been able to match its charm, there might be a hard to resist competitor lurking around. Rose gold- with a romantic vibe and soft pink hue is slowly becoming the quintessential jewellery finish for modern women. A rose gold pendant, necklace, set, bracelet, earring, ring or anklet is the way to revamp your jewellery pandora.

The best thing about owning rose gold jewellery is that you don’t have to let go of your silver or gold pieces. You don’t have to get the party started, all at once. Begin by adding two or three picks to your collection and layering them with silver or gold-plated jewellery. You won’t be disappointed and that, my friend, is a promise.

Types of Rose Gold Jewellery Sold by GIVA

At GIVA, we have an irresistible jewellery collection in four different finishes- gold, silver, oxidised silver, and rose gold. While we love all our pieces, here’s a little secret we want to spill. We are in love with rose gold a little bit more.

Here is what you can find in rose gold jewellery at GIVA:

  1. Earrings: Whatever be the fashion aesthetic you are going for, there is a jewellery piece with rose gold finish waiting for you out there. Be it hoops, danglers, studs, or ear cuffs, we have it all.

  2. Rings: Upgrade your finger ring styling game with the various styles in rose gold rings available at GIVA. To name a few we have solitaires, chains rings, love bands, and layering pieces.

  3. Pendants and Necklaces: Pendants are a must-buy for a minimal chic look and necklaces for a more dressy look. These rose gold pendants and necklaces can also be layered for an edgier look and for when you decide to jump on the trends bandwagon.

  4. Bracelets: Nothing says femininity more than a dainty bracelet and when it has a rose gold finish, you couldn’t ask for anything more. Choose from our styles of charm bracelets, cuff bracelets, and slider bracelets depending upon your preference.

  5. Anklets: Anklets have made a comeback and how! Your feet deserve some rose gold love too and you are bound to find the perfect rose gold anklet from our collection soon.

  6. Nose Pins: Who says you can’t have traditional jewellery pieces in this widely adored finish? We beg to differ. With the magic of zircons and rose gold finish you will be all set to experiment with your style and set new trends.

Why Buy Rose Gold Jewellery from GIVA?

Treat yourself with rose gold jewellery from GIVA and before you are head over heels in love with our rose gold jewellery already, here are a few more reasons to help you make a decision quickly.

  1. AAA+ Quality Zircons used in our gleaming pieces make it perfect for special events and weddings without burning a hole in your pocket

  2. 925 Silver base ensures you are getting the quality due for the price you pay

  3. Rhodium finish keeps tarnishing at bay

  4. Good for all skin types, even sensitive

Latest Rose Gold Jewellery Designs

With new designs dropping every week, there are quite a few pretty rose gold jewellery pieces you can look forward to, such as

  1. Rose Gold Floral Hoop Earrings: Hoops are everyone’s favourite and the cute flower charm is the cherry on top.

  2. Rose Gold Colourful Floral Pendant with Link Chain: Who doesn’t like to add colours in their jewellery collection, we sure do and this fits just perfectly.

  3. Rose Gold Floral Lover Bracelet: The enticing beauty of this floral bracelet is all you need this spring season.

Bestselling Rose Gold Jewellery

Irresistible, modish, and fairly priced- the best way to describe the rose gold collection at GIVA, designed for people with a distinguished taste, these are some of the rose gold designs that have hit the charts:

  1. Anushka Sharma Rose Gold Peacock Pendant: Inspired by the beauty of nature this rose gold pendant is both elegant and subtly quirky at the same time.

  2. Rose Gold Personalised Eternal Necklace: Personalised jewellery and rose gold finish, the two trending things in the jewellery arena have both found their way to this Rose Gold Personalised Eternal Necklace by GIVA.

  3. Anushka Sharma Rose Gold Tree of Life Earrings: These rose gold earrings have been widely adored and loved because of all the good things it symbolises and the confidence it brings.

  4. Anushka Sharma Rose Gold Crown Bracelet: This bracelet with a dainty crown charm is minimalist at its best!

  5. Rose Gold Heart-Melting Chain Ring: The charm of a cute heart, rarely gets unnoticed and the same with this chain ring.