Why Does Mangalsutra Have Black Beads: Explain the Significance

Why Does Mangalsutra Have Black Beads: Explain the Significance

The jewelleries that women use in marriages hold an important representation of marital status. Especially for the Hindu married women, the mangalsutra is a sacred necklace. Concerning the design and style of mangalsutras, there are variations, but it is common to have a chain of black beads. Contrary to being mere accessories, these beads are rich in cultural, spiritual as well as symbolic significance. So, today we will explain why black beads are used while designing a mangalsutra and their meaning in Hindu culture.

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Historical and Cultural Context

The word "mangalsutra" is derived from two Sanskrit words: The name ‘mangalsutra’ in hindu’s term originates from the combined term of ‘mangal,’ which translates to auspicious in English, and ‘sutra,’ which translates to thread in English. Together, they stand for a clear symbol of a spiritual connection that brings happiness and safety to the person wearing it. The act of putting a mangalsutra around one’s neck has been practiced for thousands of years and depicts a great part of Hindu customs and beliefs.

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The symbolism of Black Beads

1. Protection from Evil Eye

Gold Bloomy MangalsutraGold Bloomy Mangalsutra

The use of black beads as part of a mangalsutra is perhaps due to the believed ability to ward off the evil eye or ‘Nazar’; the color black is known to be protective. The black beads protect against jealousy and every other ill-intention or any form of intention that may be seen to be threatening the love between the couple.

2. Harmony and Balance

The black beads in a mangalsutra are also said to ensure that the married aspect of the couple is balanced as well. Being a traditional type of jewelry, they represent the marriage of two people and the equalization of their forces. In this regard, the beads are believed to suck out any form of vying energy that may disrupt this serene compatibility of the two.

3. Health and Well-Being

18K Gold Glossy Diamond Mangalsutra

18K Gold Glossy Diamond Mangalsutra

Black beads are known to have a healing power traditionally. It is among the cultural attire that is expected to accord the wearer various forms of health complications and general well-being. This is based on the traditional Indian practices in Ayurvedic medicine where black beads in mangalsutra were used to address the circulation concerns in the body.

Religious and Spiritual Significance

1. Representation of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti

In Hinduism, while selecting the mangalsutra, it is also a tradition where the black beads in the mangalsutra symbolically represent Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti- the divine pair. The deity that is most associated with this color is Lord Shiva who adopts black color to depict the destruction of wrongdoings and ignorance. They are attributed to Goddess Shakti who symbolizes power or energy. Altogether, the two of them represent the concept of marriage – strength, and energy are indeed an important part of the married life.

2. Fidelity and commitment.

Indeed, by wearing the mangalsutra – a black-beaded necklace – the wife is constantly reminded of the couple’s marriage vows given during the wedding ceremony. Thus, it represents the wife’s faithfulness to her husband and her obedience in terms of maintaining the marriage's integrity. The beads symbolize the vow of loyalty and commitment as well as partnership in life challenges.

Modern Interpretations

Still, tradition has not fully disappeared, although the modern view of mangalsutras as marriage symbols has also emerged. Today getting to have a design that combines the old frames with the new stylish looks is common among many women. However, this is accented by the fact that black beads will always be part of the wedding attire implying that they are significant even today.

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GIVA completely understands that it would be wrong to say - the black beads in a mangalsutra are just a fashion accessory as they hold cultural, spiritual, and symbolic values. Besides protecting a woman from negative energies, which entails receiving these beads, they represent the coming together of a couple, a critical aspect in the life of a married Hindu woman. A comprehension of the roles and functions of these beads raises awareness of this exquisite and symbolic part of accessories, which has the purpose of the continuation of cultural practices and, therefore, the well-being of people.

Whether it is being worn as a piece of mangalsutra, or as an ethnic ornament, it focuses on Black beads as an emblem of identity that guides generations to embrace their heritage and sustain the traditions as they are.

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