Ten Top Ways to Style our Bestsellers

Ten Top Ways to Style our Bestsellers

There is a reason our bestsellers fly off the shelves. We are sure they are your favourite pieces of jewellery too. Here are five ways to style our bestsellers so you can flaunt them with grace each time.

Anushka Sharma Rose Gold Peacock Earrings

This graceful pair of earrings is traditional yet contemporary. Peacocks have traditionally been behind the inspiration for beautiful jewellery. Remember our grandmothers’ earrings or bangles that fascinated us as kids? These earrings will have the same effect on others when you wear them. Team this set with a white tunic or tee. Slip on a pair of light denim and strut about! If you want to wear something more subtle, you can wear a pair of sedate earrings instead

Shruti Hassan Silver Queen Crown Ring

The ring for queens! This sparkly ring is made from 925 sterling silver and is studded with zircons. It dazzles beautifully when light hits it and is sure to make you gasp with delight. Wear this with a white strappy dress, no-makeup makeup and turn heads at your next party. Want to add on more bling? Slip on this ring with a rose gold accent.

Golden Personalised Eternal Necklace

We all know necklaces add allure to any look. One reason for their universal appeal is that they are often positioned close to the face, making them a focal point of attention and drawing the eye upward towards the wearer’s face. And when it has your name or initials on it, it becomes more personal. This necklace will put out the message to gazers in your direction that you are confident and individualistic. Feeling adventurous? Add on this stunning piece for a bold yet classy stack.

Rose Gold Love Bracelet

Bracelets are so appealing because they are visible on your wrist, which is a part of the body that is constantly in motion and draws attention. They can add a subtle sparkle or shine as they catch the light and they can also make a pleasant jingling sound as you move. This bracelet does all that and more. It has a nice layered look and is in a rose gold finish. Team it with a baby pink sleeveless top. Irresistible, right?

Rose Gold Heart Anklet

Anklets are often associated with a carefree and beachy vibe and can be worn with bare feet or sandals to create a laid-back and casual look. Wear The Rose Gold Heart Anklet with a bohemian skirt with a length that allows it to be visible when you are in motion - walking or dancing to make it an eye-catching accessory.

Take inspiration from our styling tips and watch this space for more!

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