GIVA's Bestsellers Are Back to Complement Your Every Look

GIVA's Bestsellers Are Back to Complement Your Every Look

In the ever-evolving fashion world, certain treasures stand the test of time, becoming essentials in every woman's jewellery box. GIVA's bestsellers are such gems, returning by popular demand to add that special sparkle to your everyday and extraordinary moments. 

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of what the modern woman desires, they are companions that enhance your look, mood, and confidence. Let's explore 5 enchanting GIVA's bestseller jewellery for women, each a testament to beauty, elegance, and the art of complimenting every look.


Harmony of Design and Detail

Drop Wreath Bracelet

Drop Wreath Bracelet is where craftsmanship meets the whimsy of nature. Its design, a thoughtful amalgamation of leaves, flowers, and delicate drops, encapsulates the essence of natural beauty. Ideal for the woman who finds joy in the details, this bracelet is a versatile piece that transitions effortlessly from a daytime charm to an evening statement. It's a celebration of the organic and the ornate, making it a quintessential piece of jewellery for every look. Here are a pair of matching studs you can pair this up with.


Bloom with Grace

Pink Quartz Flower Ring

A marvel of design, the Pink Quartz Flower Ring features a rose gold tulip with zircons shimmering on its petals, cradling a pink quartz bulb. Beyond its visual appeal, the ring is a token of growth, resilience, and the unfolding beauty of the wearer's journey. It's a standout piece for the woman who’s not afraid to shine, making it a perfect complement to both formal attire and casual ensembles. You could probably share a matching bracelet with your best friend.


Tribute to Her Timeless Majesty

Crown Pendant

Every woman carries within her an innate royalty, and the Crown Pendant is a homage to that enduring spirit. Hanging gracefully from a chain of sparkling CZs, this rose gold pendant is a daily reminder of her worth, strength, and sovereignty. It's perfect for layering or wearing solo, ensuring she feels like royalty, no matter the occasion. Complete the regal look with these danglers.


Where Beauty Meets Brilliance

Studded Rose Earrings

Studded Rose Earrings, a fusion of silver and rose gold, are a testament to timeless beauty and meticulous craftsmanship. The design, featuring a delicate rose with a zircon bloom below, captures the essence of romance and elegance. Perfect for the woman who carries within her a love for beauty and a flair for the dramatic, these earrings are versatile enough to add a touch of sophistication to any look, making them indispensable pieces of jewellery for women. This is waiting to be paired with our all-time bestseller, the Studded Rose Ring


Celebration of Life and Beauty

Blooming Flower Cuff Bracelet

Inspired by the unmatched brilliance of nature, this Blooming Flower Cuff Bracelet mirrors the splendor of a flower in full bloom. Intricately designed to capture the true essence of nature, it’s a piece that speaks of growth, renewal, and the beauty of life. Perfect for the woman who appreciates nature and fashion artistry, this bracelet is a stunning addition to any outfit, embodying the blend of natural beauty and crafted elegance. Why don’t you gift a matching necklace of this piece to your mom?

Elevate Your Style with GIVA!

GIVA's bestsellers are a celebration of the timeless, the beautiful, and the uniquely you. Every jewellery is designed to complement your every look, adding a touch of elegance and charm. 

Explore our fine jewellery collection, where each design is handcrafted with love, destined to become a cherished part of your style story. Let these bestsellers remind you of your unique beauty and the endless possibilities that fashion and jewellery for women can bring to every look!

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