How To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring For Her?

How To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring For Her?

Selecting an engagement ring is one of the most serious and joyful moments in every man’s life. It’s a token of love and assurance that it is perfect for her. If you are lost with hundreds of proposals or simply don’t know where to begin, this article will guide you on what engagement ring to choose for her.

1. Understand Her Style

Beautiful Golden RingBeautiful Golden Ring 

The very first thing that you should consider when buying the appropriate engagement ring is knowing her style. Pay attention to the jewellery she typically wears: 

Classic: If she is more inclined to beautiful and simple designs, then, she might need a simple solitaire diamond ring.

Modern: If you want to go trendy, then you can try on a ring with a rather unconventional design or a non-conventional cut gemstone.

Vintage: If she was a Vintage girl and if she likes old-fashioned clothes and antiques then I am pretty sure that she would like the ring if it contains designs that are antiques or vintage designs.

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Rose Gold Blooming Flower Ring

 Rose Gold Blooming Flower Ring

Bohemian: The ornamental features that are used for these stones include floral themes and even full floral rings for women, or, more uniquely, raw gemstones.

2. Learn the 4Cs

Elegant Engagement Diamond Ring

 Elegant Engagement Diamond Ring 

Knowledge of the 4Cs namely, cut, clarity, colour, and carat is paramount when it comes to buying a diamond.

Cut: This decides on the brilliance of the diamond. A cut of the diamond should also be good so that the light reflects on the stone properly.

Clarity: Hae particular association with the occurrence of flaws. The fewer of them, the higher the clarity of the Perfume and the less distracting the label is.

Color: Diamonds come in transparent from colorless, to slightly colored yellowish. Diamonds that are least colored are generally more valuable as compared to those that have tints.

Carat: This determines the heaviness of the diamond based on carats. It is noted that the bigger diamonds are scarcer than smaller ones and therefore they attract a significantly higher price.

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3. Choose the Right Metal

14K Gold Sparkling Diamond Ring 

14K Gold Sparkling Diamond Ring 

The band that covers the engagement ring is as important as the diamond that is set on the band and the style of the band should suit the type of diamond that is used in the engagement ring. undefined

Platinum: A type of resilient metal that does not cause dust mites or other allergies, with an attractive, smooth surface.

White Gold: It has become particularly popular due to its aesthetic appeal and its comparatively lower cost than platinum.

Yellow Gold: Subtle and elegant, yellow gold can never fail to set an elegant tone.

Rose Gold Solitaire Ring 

Rose Gold Solitaire Ring

Rose Gold: Rose gold is a more ravishing color; the pink hue gives it a romantic and 1920s feel.

4. Select The Setting

The setting plays the role of holding the diamond onto the ring and assists in enhancing the style of the entire ring. undefined

Prong: Cushion and well-known prongs encompass the diamond with thin metal extensions.

Bezel: They appear in a contemporary setting provided by a metal rim, with securing features around the diamond.

Halo: It is surrounded by several rings that are studded with diamonds which makes it look even bigger and dazzling.

Pavé: Small diamonds are placed on the band in complement to the main stone with even more brilliance.

5. Consider Her Lifestyle

Rose Gold Sunshine Ring 

Rose Gold Sunshine Ring   

These are implications for her lifestyle when choosing the type of ring to wear. If she is sportive or has a job where she wears the ring, then you may need a durable metal and it is set in a circle, like a bezel. Another style that may be great is a prong setting that should come in handy if she spends less time exercising.

6. Set your budget

Rose Gold Sun Dangler Diamond Ring

Rose Gold Sun Dangler Diamond Ring 

This is a crucial step when it comes to shopping. Anticipated engagement ring prices vary widely, and budgeting reduces the choices one has to consider. Keep in mind that the best ring is the one that tells the story of your beautiful love and promises, a far better thing than the most flashy one.

7. Personal Touch 

People may also want to incorporate some personal touch to the ring. This could be in the form of an inscription inside the band with a significant date, the first two letters of the name, or a riddle. This sizes the ring with sentimental value that makes it special to her in a way no other ring can capture.

8. Surprise Her or Shop Together

Decide if you will engage on the selection directly with her or let the choice be a surprise. Taking her shopping allows her to get only the style she desires, with surprise making it seem like a romantic gesture. When choosing a surprise, it is wise to consider what style she follows most in her day-to-day life.

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GIVA believes that while seeking the best engagement ring for her include, knowing your lady’s tastes in design, the aspect that relates to the diamond’s quality, the issue of the metal and setting, thinking about her everyday activities, the aspect of setting price limit, and putting into consideration the issue of engraving. If you put considerable effort into choosing and perhaps a little research, you will surely be able to buy a ring that she will wear for a lifetime. Do not forget that the main idea is love and the willingness to be together until the last breath. Happy ring shopping!
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