Engagement Ring Shopping 101

Engagement Ring Shopping 101

Love is one of the most special feelings out there and when it materializes into reality, everything simply becomes better. Engagement is one such moment where the love becomes a reality. It is a milestone, it is a threshold, to something new, something amazing. This day marks the beginning of a brand new phase of life. So one has to make sure that nothing goes haywire and it is in fact the most perfect time of their lives.

Engagement Ring Shopping Guide:

Shopping for an engagement ring can be stressful. One needs to take in consideration a lot many things. So we decided to compile all those things and bring you the ultimate encyclopedia of a guide on engagement rings.


Trends are great and are made for a reason, but when it comes to engagement rings, depending solely on trends isn’t really the thing to do. Use trends just as ideas for what makes your engagement ring most special is YOUR unique element.

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Do not get caught up in the trends entirely and instead have a clarity as to what YOU want. Put your own individuality to the ring and do not get swayed with trends around you.


Engagement shopping can be daunting. So many options, so many things to decide, doing it alone can be intimidating and confusing.

Instead, take help. Ask around. Take your friends for ring shopping and take the suggestions of the ones who have gotten engaged already. They might be able to give useful advice.


Engagement rings are a bond for eternity. Just like your love and relationship, they should last long too. Therefore, never forget about the warranty when it comes to engagement rings.

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Know the exact and correct warranty of the ring for the future purposes and make your love last even longer.


If you are buying the ring for your better half, make sure you know his/her correct size. You can also try GIVA's couple rings collection for engagement. Every relationship stands tall on the pillars of love, respect, commitment and promise of togetherness.

When it comes to the sizing matters, it is better to be well prepped before heading out for the final shopping.


We get it, engagement is a heady time, it’s emotional, scary and amazing. Therefore it is only natural for you to want it to be perfect and be a little skeptical about going out of the box.


However, do not be afraid to go for that unique ring. Engagement ring is an ode to your love, so it being unique is absolutely amazing thing. So go for it, take the leap and get that unique ring you have been dreaming about.

Now that we have the basic tips and tricks covered, here’s a bonus part for YOU. Some designs YOU can go for when it comes to your engagement ring.


First up is the vintage classic, the solitaire ring. This simple ring design makes statement without being too gaudy. This ring subtly adds the wow factor to your celebrations.

GIVA finger ring

Here’s one classic solitaire ring, the Silver Zircon Vintage Ring that you can go for to begin this new phase of your life.


A little bit of extra bling on that classic design is another option that you can go for. The accent stones add the extra bit of dazzle and stand out very uniquely.

Solitaire ring

For that extra dazzle, try this Silver Classic Solitaire Ring, perfect engagement bling.


Have a look at this Rose Gold Solitaire Ring, making a perfect halo and hence a perfect option for the big day!

This style of ring is very popular and in trend now a days. If you want something contemporary, then this ring is a perfect choice for you. One stone surrounded by the tiny ones, hence making a halo. This is truly an angelic design.


Rose Gold Triple Shine Ring

Take, for example, this Rose Gold Triple Shine Ring, the perfect timeless classic for you’re the DAY! So DIVAs, now you know where to head to when you face those confusions, doubts and dilemmas about the perfect engagement ring. And for other little hurdles that might come on the way, this article is all you need to refer to.

Simplicity goes a long way and there’s no doubt in that. So if you are the person looking for simple yet chic design then the three stone setting is made just for YOU. This design is a timeless one with three stones sitting cozily in the frame.

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