20 Different Types of Rings Everyone should have

20 Different Types of Rings Everyone should have

Rings are beautiful, and one of the most appreciated and popular jewellery piece all over the world, that reflect the buyer’s attitude and can convey various messages, starting from love and ending with the sense of fashion. Regardless of whether you are a fan of jewelry or you’re just getting your collection of rings, no doubt being aware of all the kinds of rings will only improve the experience. Here is the list of types of rings men and women must incorporate into their collections.

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List of Top 20 Rings You Must Have

1. Engagement Ring

In one’s lifetime, this ring can be the most important ring known as the engagement ring; it symbolizes a wedding proposal. It is worn with a single stone, a diamond, or any gem in the middle, other styles include halo and three-stone engagement rings.

2. Wedding Band

Golden Vintage Couple BandsGolden Vintage Couple Bands 

The wedding band is worn on the ring finger and is worn during the wedding ceremony alongside the engagement ring if the couple wants it. It is often less elaborate than the other – more often bare, made of metal, and, at most, adorned with diamonds or engravings.

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3. Promise Ring

It’s a traditional tradition where gold engagement rings are given to express love and commitment between two individuals in a relationship especially when engagement is not yet on the agenda. They need not be flashy or complex with engravings; they can be minimalistic or feature a small gemstone, or both; and they are a perfect way to show commitment.

4. Eternity Ring

Silver Eternity Couple Band

Silver Eternity Couple Band

Eternity bands, as distinguished from stacking rings, are built of a single string of incisive similar stones to represent eternal love. These rings are made out of specific material and are worn during memorable occasions such as anniversaries.

5. Cocktail Ring

Cocktail rings are large rings and can be worn on many fingers, they are rings that stand out and can be enhanced by several ornaments including a large jewel. They are ideal especially when you need to sparkle at parties or any other formal occasions.

6. Birthstone Ring

Silver Quatrefoil Radiance Ring

Silver Quatrefoil Radiance Ring

Birthstone rings come close as they have a gemstone that matches the birth month of the wearer. They make unique and sentimental gifts, uplifting the spirit, and acknowledging the individual.

7. Signet Ring

Spheroidal signet rings are provided with a flat rim, on which a coat of arms, name, or other emblem, is engraved. Originally, they were stylish clothing items for men, but the latest fashion trends have incorporated them as fashionable accessories for women as it provides a personal touch.

8. Stackable Ring

Silver Solitaire Stackable Ring

Silver Solitaire Stackable Ring

It is most important when a bunch of stackable rings is created to be worn all on the same finger for a blended and layered look. They come in a range of styles and can be made from a variety of metals, meaning that they can be interchangeable.

9. Claddagh Ring

The tradition of one ring is related to Ireland; it has a heart, hands, and a crown as its elements – love, friendship, and loyalty. It is a piece of jewelry that is worn as a wedding or friendship band.

10. Thumb Ring

Golden Flower Girl Ring

Golden Flower Girl Ring

Another example is the thumb ring which can change the looks of your beautiful hands. As I have said earlier, these pieces are delightful and reminiscent of childhood pieces of jewellery.

11. Spinner Ring

Often called worry rings, spinner rings have an outer section with an independent axis of rotation around the manufacturer’s ring. It has been said that they have a positive effect on cases of anxiety and stress, giving a positive state of mind.

12. Evil Eye Ring

Rose Gold Beauty Blinks Ring

These evil eye rings are worn on the index finger and are reported to be fashionable during summer seasons and at beaches. They are mostly made with metals or minimal decoration. We think it is a nice fashionable way to ward off evil eye. 

13. Midi Ring

Midi rings should be placed above the knuckle on the fingers or in other words midi rings are placed on the finger positioned above the knuckle. They complete any ring set, and they are accessories that are fashionable and appealing to those who like adding several rings at the same time.

14. Nugget Ring

Silver Rcay Rugged Ring

Silver Rcay Rugged Ring  

The nugget rings therefore have a rough-looking surface, which portrays the nugget outlook of the rings. These are particularly famous among males’ jewelry; these pieces are both bright and unique.

15. Puzzle Ring

Puzzle rings are those that are fashioned out of several loops that can be unbending and bent again into their original form. It is humorously complex and both identities are represented, also it is used as a symbol of unification.

16. Gimmel Ring

Two Tone Fashion Gimmel Ring
Two Tone Fashion Gimmel Ring 

Gimmel rings include those rings which are made up of several rings that can be merged to create a ring of much larger size. They were formerly part of a betrothal ceremony; as such, they symbolize unity, and cooperation.

17. Pearl Ring

The Pearl rings are the real symbol of purity and innocence. These give an ultimate look and can be worn with any outfit. The best thing is that a pearl matches perfectly with both silver as well as gold. 

18. Cameo Ring 

Any delivery of cameo rings involves designing a figure, usually a profile or a scene, engraved on a gemstone or shell. The given gadgets reflect certain values associated with the past, especially with classical and vintage periods.

19. Cluster Ring

In cluster ring , several small gems are set side by side to make one large stone in the eye of the onlooker. They are popularly used especially in engagement rings and cocktail rings where they enhance the brilliance of the entire ring.

20. Infinity Ring

Heart Rhodium Infinity Ring

Heart Rhodium Infinity Ring 

These infinity rings come with a unique symbol of infinity which is often shaped and engraved on the ring. They have remained a prominent symbol of thought and even aesthetic gems that are usually bought with a special someone in mind.

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