Why Engagement Rings for Men are Gaining Popularity in India

Why Engagement Rings for Men are Gaining Popularity in India


Men wearing an engagement ring along with women before marriage has gained momentum in India over the past few years. The trend is a reflection of wider socio-cultural shifts toward individual expression, as well as the increasing willingness of men to commit. Growing up in a mix of Western impulses, shifting gender roles and the pursuit of a more equal world with romantic partners. Beyond that, the jewelry industry has also reflected this, offering a wide variety of engagement ring designs for men in response to increasing demand. Now you can explore GIVA to buy rings of all shapes and sizes custom designed for your preferences making engagement rings a cool fashion statement!

Finding Your Perfect Match: Design Considerations for Indian Men's Engagement Rings

A couple showing off their matching engagement rings

Happy couple showing off their matching engagement rings, reflecting the increasing popularity of men's engagement rings in India

Balancing Tradition and Style: Integrating Cultural Elements

Most Indian men prefer going with the designs and styles that reflect their cultural traditions. The traditional elements such as intricate patterns of Mughal art, the symbolism with lotus or peacock and even using gemstones per tradition that includes emeralds and rubies can be beautifully woven in modern designs. Mixing these cultural motifs with modern styles makes men's engagement rings more meaningful and fashionable.

Embracing Your Individuality: Exploring Different Design Styles

And there you have it — the beautiful difference between modern engagement rings. Often these can be minimalistic bands, or more elaborate designs complete with precious stones such as diamonds. It all depends on your personality and style! For men who are shopping, they can select from the classic solitaires, modern geometric patterns and even rings that are inspired by a vintage look such as the Golden Warrior Prince Ring for Him or Golden Prominence Ring For Him. They can be further tailored through engravings or independent designed ones, if the selected one still doesn’t match personal preferences.

Material Matters: Popular Choices for Indian Men's Engagement Rings

The material chosen is one of the critical characteristics which define its looks and durability. Platinum and white gold engagement unique mens rings have always been a top pick for the timeless appeal and its strength; whereas yellow or rose-gold provides the warmness pervading into that shining exuberance of style. These days, there are plenty of sturdy-yet-suave modern choices: specifically, the ultra-durable titanium and tungsten rings. Every material has its pros and cons, so lifestyle factors as well as personal taste should contribute to your decision-making process.

10 Stunning Engagement Rings for Indian Grooms

Here are ten of the best engagement rings available for men on GIVA:

  1. Golden Zircon Ornate Ring For Him - A timeless piece that exudes elegance.
  2. Golden Zircon Glory Ring For Him - Blending tradition with modern design.
  3. Golden Square in Rectangle Ring For Him - Perfect for the contemporary man.
  4. Golden Two As One Couple Rings - A unique and stylish choice.
  5. Silver Rock-Solid Men's Ring - Subtle yet luxurious.
  6. Silver And Rose Gold Timeless Radiance Men's Ring - Bold and sophisticated.
  7. Gold Shining Cluster Diamond Ring - Personalized with intricate details.
  8. Silver Mirthful Ring For Him - Vibrant and culturally rich.
  9. Silver Prime Ring For Him - Durable with a modern edge.
  10. Silver Modern Simplicity Men's Ring - A regal combination of gems.

Sealing the Deal: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

A jeweller presenting a variety of men's engagement rings

Jeweller presenting an array of men's engagement rings

Selection of a Perfect engagement gold ring design for Indian male depends on below parameter.

“He” style: Know what kind of fashion and lifestyle he follows.

Set a Budget: One of the deciding factors other than taste is your budget so don’t pick anything too outrageous just yet and make sure you determine what kind of price range you find acceptable.

Pick the Material: You need a durable material that keeps him comfortable based on his daily routine.

Seek Styling Help: Do not be afraid to approach jewelers for help. GIVA instagram page would be a great source.

Making it Special: Adding a Personal Touch

Personal details make an engagement ring more special than considering engraving a date, Something short and sweet, or perhaps some initials on the inside of the band. This ring can also be customized with birthstones or colors of choice. These small details simultaneously mark the ring as a symbol of love and identity for its wearer.


This introduction of men’s engagement rings in India is certainly a beautiful change in the historical narrative of love.Once these factors are considered and a design is chosen that reflects both tradition and independence, with added personal nuances to create layers of meaning in the engagement ring, it isn’t just any old thing. Whether your style is classic or contemporary, there is a ring out there just waiting to help tell the story of you and yours.
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