Choose a gemstone colour that reflects your mood or personality

What Your Coloured Jewellery Says About You

Jewellery elevates any outfit and makes a statement whenever we want to stand out in a crowd. A great way to add colour and personality to your jewellery collection is to incorporate different-coloured precious and semi-precious stones. Each colour holds its own meaning and can represent different emotions and personalities. Let’s discuss the meaning behind some of the most popular gemstone colours.

Red is for the adventurous and individualistic you

Red: A fiery you

Red is a bold and passionate colour that represents love, desire, and courage. If it is your favourite colour, you are most likely to be an extrovert and a daring person. Ruby is the most well-known red gemstone and is a popular choice for engagement rings. It is said to promote vitality and passion. Garnet is another red gemstone that is said to promote strength and stability.

Green is soothing and calming

Green: Nature's Zen master

Green is a calming and refreshing colour that represents growth, nature, and balance. If you go for green most of the time, you are charismatic and charming. Emerald is the most popular green gemstone and is said to promote harmony and peace. Peridot is another green gemstone that is said to promote well-being and good fortune.

Blue speaks 'cool and confident'

Blue: Cool as a sea breeze

Blue is a soothing and peaceful colour that represents wisdom, trust, and loyalty. It can also make you look independent and relaxed at the same time. Sapphire is the most well-known blue gemstone and is said to promote truth and sincerity. Aquamarine is another blue gemstone that is said to promote inner peace and harmony.

Yellow stands for positivity and confidence

Yellow: Sun-kissed and cheerful

Yellow is a cheerful and optimistic colour that represents happiness, creativity, and intelligence. Citrine is the most popular yellow gemstone and is said to promote positivity and success. Topaz is another yellow gemstone that is said to promote self-confidence and good fortune.

Pink for romantic, innocent, and sassy!

Pink: Sweet and sassy

Pink is a feminine and romantic colour that represents love, compassion, and kindness. Pink tourmaline is the most popular pink gemstone and is said to promote emotional healing and love. Rose quartz is another pink gemstone that is said to promote love and harmony.

Wearing coloured gemstones is a great way to express yourself and add some personality to your style. Whether you prefer bold and passionate red or calming and peaceful blue, wear the colour that reflects your style and mood.

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