What is Rose Gold? A Complete Guide

What is Rose Gold? A Complete Guide

Rose gold has garnered the attention of jewellery and fashion lovers because of its rosy colour and appeal to the feminine touch. Well, what does rose gold really mean, and why is it so loved by many people?

Today, we will take a closer look at the history and properties of rose gold, basic practices to consider when taking care of rose gold jewellery, and why this metal continues to be demanded in the sphere of fashion and jewelleries.

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Rose Gold: Information About Its Origins & History

Pink gold also referred to as rose gold or red gold metal found its place in the industry in the nineteenth century. It originated from Russia and was seen as the ‘Russian gold’ owing to the pink hue of the stone that was famously used by Russian royalty and nobility. The desirability of rose gold soon extended to other parts of the globe and, particularly, Victorian and Art Nouveau jewellery.

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Composition of Rose Gold

Rose gold is an alloy, meaning it is made by combining pure gold with other metals. The primary metals used to create rose gold are copper and silver. The specific blend of these metals determines the exact shade of rose gold:

18K Rose Gold

Rose Gold Blue Diamond PendantRose Gold Blue Diamond Pendant 

18 K Rose Gold is Composed of 75% gold, 22.25% copper, and 2.75% silver. This is the most common and popular form of rose gold, known for its balanced and rich pink hue.

14K Rose Gold

14K Rose Gold is Composed of 58.3% gold, 33.7% copper, and 8% silver. This alloy has a slightly deeper and more pronounced pink color.

10K Rose Gold

Rose Gold Sunstar Diamond Pendant

Rose Gold Sunstar Diamond Pendant 

10 K Rose Gold is Composed of 41.7% gold, 52% copper, and 6.3% silver. This version has the most copper, resulting in a reddish-pink color.

Characteristics of Rose Gold

Rose gold possesses several unique characteristics that make it a popular choice for jewelry:

Warmth and Romance

This gold shade gives off a warm and somewhat lovey-dovey tone and is common in most pieces of jewelry especially those given to significant others such as engagement rings and wedding bands.


It is an alloy that has copper in it; this makes it stronger and harder than pure gold and is less likely to tarnish. Due to this, it can be worn for walking or daily activities like running errands or attending work.


Rose gold fits almost all skin shades and it is possible to wear it with designs that are classic and new. Its general form enables it to be used in different kinds of jewelleries including rings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, and others.

Hypoallergenic Properties

 Finally, while rose gold is technically not fully hypoallergenic, it has proved to elicit a less severe allergic reaction than some other forms of gold alloys. This makes it a good choice for use by those who have sensitive skin because of the limited number of listed ingredients.

Proper care to extend the life of rose gold jewelry

To keep your rose gold jewelry looking its best, follow these care tips:

Regular Cleaning

Let it shine and spark

Let it shine and spark

It is advisable to gently wash at least your rose gold jewelry using warm water and mild soap. To wash use only a mild detergent, and use a soft brush to rub the surface in a circular motion.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

To ensure the longevity of the metal do not wear your jewelleries in water especially not in places where there is direct contact with chlorine and bleaching materials since they tend to discolor the metal.

Proper Storage

You should keep your rose gold items in a soft cloth or a jewelry box so that it doesn’t get scratched or fade. Do not store many pieces at once in a given area to minimize cases of scratching on the other piece.

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Professional Maintenance

It is recommended that you take all the rose gold jewelry you own to a professional for checkup and cleaning once in a while. This checks that any, and all, loose settings or potential problems can be met and rectified before the examination of the site begins.

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Why Rose Gold Remains Popular

Rose gold's popularity has only grown over the years, and it remains a favorite for several reasons:

Timeless Appeal

The beauty of rose gold is the fact that the color in question does not seem to be in fashion but rather will always remain in fashion, and due to its exquisite glamour, it is suitable for jewelry.

Fashion Forward

Fashion lovers regard rose gold as a beauty piece due to its brownish color that fits the current trends in the market. I love pairing this piece with formal or even casual outfits, as it gives you that effortless classy look.


Compare to other variants, rose gold is to find the connection with love, compassion, and warmth. Due to these factors, it becomes a rational choice for the most special events like engagements, wedding occasions, and anniversaries.

Dazzle up with GIVA’s Magnificent Rose Gold Jewellery 

GIVA Rose gold is a wonderful kind of golden alloy that people adore for the perfect shade of color and the name conveys a happy state of affairs. Due to its ability to tell a story behind its creation, it is long-lasting and beautiful, the following are some examples of jewellery pieces that it is often used. In its sparkling brilliance, the world of engagement rings, and other adornments, rose gold presents a vision of beauty and artistry that is certain to be memorable. Get familiar with rose gold and let the charm and elegance of this color bring more shine and beauty to your jewelry box.

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