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10 Tested & Tried Tips for How to Clean Your Silver Jewellery

People love adorning themselves with fine silver jewelleries because they give a classy appeal to any worn outfit, but with time, such jewellery tarnishes and looks ugly. Some women stop using their jewellery only because they have no idea how to clean it and let it shine before. So, for such people, maintaining the shiny smile of your silver jewellery and other accessories does not require so much of a strain. We at GIVA are here with some guidelines to enable people to clean their silver jewellery and get the best shine.

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10 Tips to Clean Your Fine Silver Jewellery

1. To remove tarnish, you need to understand why it occurs

Picture of oxidised silver jewellery

Black coating of Silver Sulphide  

Silver oxidizes by reacting with elements containing sulphur in the environment, particularly the air. This reaction produces a black coating of silver sulphide. Knowledge of this process enables one to prevent further tarnishing by avoiding exposing the silver jewellery to factors that cause tarnishing like; extremes of heat and moisture.
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2. Clean with warm water and mild soap every day

Picture of cleaning silver jewellery with soap water

Bringing shine to your favorite jewellery 

While regularly cleaning the surface, you must use only mild soap and water solution. Prepare a solution that has a few drops of mild dish soap dissolved in warm water. Wash your jewellery in a shallow dish of water for a few minutes, then brush it lightly with a soft toothbrush. Wash slightly under warm water and wipe off gently with a piece of clean cloth.

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3. Use of Baking Soda With Water 

Baking soda is gentle on the silver items but does an effective job of removing the tarnish without damaging the surface. A baking soda solution should be prepared using 3 parts baking soda and one part water to make a paste. This paste can be spread on a soft cloth and gently rubbed on the surface then washed and dried.

4. White Vinegar and Baking Soda Bath 

If there is severe tarnish, you can use a solution of ½ cup white vinegar and 2 tablespoons baking soda with your silver for 2 to 3 hours. After showering, rinse with cold water and make sure the ears are thoroughly dried. This is very helpful, especially in cases of taking the sheen back.

5. Use Commercial Silver Cleaners

Silver Infinity Heart Necklace with Chain

One thing to note is that it is possible to find commercial silver cleaners that will help you remove tarnishes easily. This should be done according to the instructions provided on the product, and most importantly always rinse and dry the jewellery after washing. Use them carefully especially on fine jewellery pieces since they are quite abrasive and can damage gems.

6. No exposure to toxic chemicals, products, or materials 

Silver InterlockedHeart Duo Bracelet 

Rub off the tarnish by washing with warm soapy water and avoid contact with scents and other sprays such as perfume, lotion, hairspray, or any chemicals from your household. Do not wear that jewellery when swimming in a pool with chlorinated water or when applying cleaning chemicals.

7. Store Properly

GIVA’s silver jewellery collection

 Time to dazzle again with your favorite jewellery 

Wrap your silver jewellery in a soft cloth or dispatch it in tightly sealed plastic or metal containers to reduce exposure to air. Additional components such as anti-tarnish strips or silica gel packets can also be included to help absorb moisture and/or sulfur compounds such as Crofton.

8. Polishing Cloths


This is crucial as it ensures that the silverware is only rinsed with water to avoid contamination of chemicals with your food. These cloths are further processed with chemicals that restore the brightness in them and at the same time, make them guard against getting tarnished again. After washing your jewellery with soap and water, make sure to rub it with this cloth to keep them shiny.

9. Use Aluminum and Baking Soda

The Aluminum foil and baking soda technology is a method of removing the gel-like substance that is produced as a by-product of leather tanning.

Place a bowl, and cover the base and sides with Aluminum foil with the shiny side facing upwards. Put your jewellery in the bowl, pour boiling water over it, and mix in One tablespoon of baking soda. The process details involve changing the location of the tarnish from the silver to the foil through a chemical reaction. It is important to wash the jewellery after this process and pat it dry.

10. Professional Cleaning

Silver Happy Bird Bracelet - crisp & clean 

In the case of expensive or delicate items, get professional cleaning services to avoid damaging them. Several jewelers also use cleaning products that they recommend they use to clean your piece of jewel without having it scratched.

Bonus Tips for Maintenance

  • Wear Your Jewellery Often

Oils in the skin are useful in preventing the silver from tarnishing, that is why during the washing of the silver utensils, the oils in the skin used should be taken into consideration.

  • Regular Inspection

This is especially important when the bracelet has been worn for a long time: look through it for loose stones or clasps to avoid losing or damaging them.

  • Gentle Handling

The professional advice that would be given to anyone who owns pieces of jewellery is to always treat the jewellery gently, particularly when cleaning them to avoid scratching or any damage.

Make Every Moment Shine With GIVA Fine Silver Jewellery  

By using the tips that have been highlighted above by GIVA,  you will able to keep your fine silver jewellery collection bright and stunning and retain its value for years. By following the ways of cleaning and storage, you will keep your fine silver jewellery as bright as when you purchased them. You can wear all your favourite ones again without worrying about oxidisation or any other similar issue. So, visit us now and stay shopping for the upcoming festive season!
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