Vintage Valentine: Oxidised Silver Jewellery Set for an Old-School Romance

Vintage Valentine: Oxidised Silver Jewellery Set for an Old-School Romance

In a world where love stories unfold with the swipe of a finger, the elegance of a vintage romance, wrapped in the whispers of old school romance, holds a charm unmatched. This Valentine's Day, let's wander through the mists of time with delightful oxidised silver jewellery sets. 

Let’s explore 5 oxidised silver jewellery sets that promise to adorn you in the mystique of an old-school romance, making this Valentine's Day a special memory.


Eternal Charm

Vintage Set

The Vintage Set has an architectural necklace with the enchanting symmetry of rhombus-designed earrings. The enamel detailing and sparkling zircons create a mesmerising effect, perfect for the woman with a love story that defies time. Style this set with a velvet gown or a traditional Anarkali to evoke a sense of regal romance at any Valentine’s soiree or a candlelit dinner.


Blossoming with Love

Millefleur Set

Capturing the essence of a blooming garden, this Millefleur Set features delicate floral motifs enriched with enamel work and centered pearls reminiscent of dewdrops. The pearl beads add a touch of sophistication, making this set ideal for the romantic at heart. Pair it with a lace dress or a chiffon saree to embody the spirit of a timeless romance under the stars.


Contemporary Romance

Vivid Vibe Set

For the woman who loves a blend of contemporary style and vintage flair, the Vivid Vibe Set, with its circular earrings, and lariat-style necklace adorned with geometric patterns and pearls, is a statement of modern elegance. The blue beads add a pop of colour, perfect for adding a vibrant touch to your Valentine’s Day ensemble. Style it with a sleek black dress or a modern lehenga to stand out in your celebration of love.


Inspired by Tradition

Pichwai Lotus Set

Drawing inspiration from traditional Pichwai paintings, this Pichwai Lotus Set features flower motifs and hanging pearls. It’s perfect for women who appreciate art and want to incorporate it into their look. This set complements traditional Indian wear, like a silk saree or a handloom lehenga, adding a touch of artistic grace to your bridal or festive attire.


Geometric Grace

Quatrefoil Set

This Quatrefoil Set stands out with its quatrefoil design, representing good luck and harmony. The enamel and zircon embellishments lend it a contemporary edge, making it suitable for women who adore modern jewellery with a vintage twist. This set pairs well with Western and ethnic outfits, making it a versatile choice for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Celebrate Love with a Touch of Vintage!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate love, and what better way to do it than with a jewellery set that speaks volumes of your unique style and romantic preferences? GIVA’s collection of oxidised silver jewellery sets for women offers timeless beauty and elegance, making them ideal for creating memorable moments.

Explore our fine jewellery collection and find the perfect set to add to your love story this Valentine’s Day.

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