Valentine’s Special: Love is Blooming at GIVA

Valentine’s Special: Love is Blooming at GIVA

Valentine’s Special

Love is a profound feeling that always gets the priority of being celebrated with pomp and glory! Every form of love has an unexpressed sweetness associated with it which makes it so much more endearing! Here at GIVA, every day is a celebration of life, but with the Season of Love knocking at our doorstep, everyone shows up at work with a lot more love and brimming enthusiasm! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and just like every day, this festival of love has a plethora of exciting activities lined up that our GIVA family tirelessly works towards to curate and present with a lot of love ALWAYS!

The vibe in every corridor and every cubicle right now is that of love! Every member of the GIVA fam gets up every day with refreshing new ideas and thoughts to share for each day that comes with the Valentine’s week mania! There are gifts and there are challenges, all day everyone is neck-deep into gift-wrapping and sketching out fun games to play and slice-of-life pranks to execute that will get anyone to lose themselves into fits of laughter!

The love and happiness seems to be doubling its quotient at GIVA with people enjoying every moment spent together as we inch closer to D-Day! The vibe here is contagious, and we are game, for it’s in the name of LOVE!

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