Elevate your Valentine's Day style with GIVA's chic and versatile pendants, perfect for the office and beyond

Valentine’s Day Office Style: Stylish Pendant Picks for Work and After-Work Date


Valentine's Day is an occasion that calls for a special touch in your style, especially when it involves transitioning from a professional setting to a romantic after-work date. 

Our pendant for women collection offers the perfect blend of subtlety and elegance, making it ideal for women who wish to add a hint of romance to their office attire and effortlessly elevate their look for an evening date. These versatile pendants are more than just accessories; they are a statement of style, seamlessly fitting into any professional ensemble and adding a touch of Valentine's charm. Let's explore the top 5 stylish pendant designs, perfect for achieving that elegant balance between office chic and evening allure.


Blossom in elegance

Heart of Rose Garden Necklace

The Heart of Rose Garden Necklace, a sophisticated piece in GIVA's pendant for women collection, combines rose gold and silver tones to create a heart motif with zircon embellishments and a charming rose detail. For the office, it adds a delicate touch of romance to a formal suit or a high-neck blouse, while for your date, it becomes a focal point when paired with an elegant evening dress, enhancing your look with its dual-tone charm and intricate design.


Let it be your statement of love in the office and beyond

Scarlet Pendant

This exquisite rose gold Scarlet Pendant, featuring two interconnected circles with a vibrant red-coloured stone, is an embodiment of passion and sophistication. It's ideal for adding a subtle yet striking pop of colour to your workday attire, complementing a monochrome outfit or a pastel blouse. As you transition to your after-work date, this pendant elevates a more glamorous outfit, creating an eye-catching contrast against a darker evening dress, making it a perfect choice for a Valentine's date.


Illuminate your workday and light up your evening

Vesper Pendant

The Vesper Pendant, a sleek and contemporary piece in silver, showcases a rectangular zircon encased in a shimmering layer. Its modern and minimalist design is suitable for a business environment, adding a touch of sophistication to a tailored blazer or a chic business dress. For the evening, it transforms into an elegant accessory, complementing a stylish cocktail dress or a sophisticated jumpsuit, making it an ideal pendant for women looking for versatility.


Embrace endless elegance

Personalised Heart Pendant

The Infinity Heart Necklace, features a unique dual pear-shaped motif with zircon embellishments, symbolising infinite love. Its subtle yet meaningful design makes it a versatile accessory for your office ensemble, enhancing a high-neck blouse or a smart dress. For your after-work date, this pendant for women adds a touch of romantic elegance to a plunging neckline dress or a chic off-shoulder top, making it a perfect Valentine's Day accessory.


Reflect the beauty of nature

Brahma Kamal Pendant

This artistic Brahma Kamal Pendant, featuring the Brahma Kamal motif with enamel detailing, is a standout piece in GIVA's collection. It adds an artistic and nature-inspired touch to your workday attire, perfect for accessorising a classic blazer or a modest sheath dress. As you transition to your evening plans, it continues to impress, complementing a bohemian-style dress or an elegant evening outfit, making it a versatile and stylish choice for Valentine's Day.

Celebrate Love with Style with GIVA!

This Valentine's Day, let GIVA's pendant for women be your go-to choice for adding elegance and romance to your office style and after-work date. Each pendant is designed to offer versatility and sophistication, ensuring you look stunning throughout the day. 

Explore our fine jewellery collection to find the perfect pendant that complements your Valentine's Day attire, seamlessly transitioning from day to night with grace and style.

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