Trending Ring Designs for YOUR Girl!

Trending Ring Designs for YOUR Girl!

She is always giving you hints as to how much she would love to have that perfect ring in her jewellery box. She is always dropping cues and you notice them too, but you just cannot find the perfect option for her. Right?!

You want something that would instantly add a glint to her eyes and will make her day. You want to choose a ring that will stay with her forever, cherishing the love even more. We got you all covered.

So here are 6 types of rings that your girl would simply love in an instant:

Dainty Rings

Dainty rings are something she can wear all the time and she would love you for it. Dainty rings are simple and chic and a classy gift to be given. It is easier to carry and easier to style with any clothing or look.

Our suggestion? Gift her this Rose Gold Heart Melting Ring that will surely melt her heart and she will swoon over you.

Chunky Rings

Though the exact opposite of dainty, chunky rings always have a woman’s heart. Yes, it is like that. Your girl would love to revel in the best of both worlds. So do not hesitate to go chunky when it comes to the perfect ring option.

The Silver Peacock Heritage Ring is one perfectly chunky option to go for when it comes to getting rings for your girl.

Combo/Stacked Rings

Trust us when we say this, staying on top of the trends is something your girl would love. Assist her with something stackable, something that is a perfect combo. Stackable rings accentuate the look instantly and add a chic element which is a win for any girl out there.

Doubtful of the perfect stackable ring combo? Fret not and go for this Rose Gold Heartbeat Wish Set. Her heart will skip a beat and will fall in love with you all over again.

Detailed Rings

The detailed rings, though simple, are always unique. Has she ever told you to ‘pay attention to the details’? Well, this is the time to do so & she couldn’t help but appreciate you for it.

Oxidised Silver Leaf Ring is one such detailed ring that you can gift her and she would be mesmerized with the details for sure.

Stone Based Rings

A perfect stone ring is always a must-have in any jewellery box. Be it a birthstone ring, or something aesthetically pleasing, this type is a perfect present for your girl. With the stone rings being in trend right now, this makes for a perfect gift.

Here’s a cue for you, Get her this Oxidised Silver Moonstone Ring and she will be mooning over you!

Layered Rings

Now that we are talking about staying on top of the trends and being chic, leaving behind anything layered would be blasphemy. Layered rings are always a conversation starter & when it comes to gifting to your girl, there’s no going wrong with them.

This Silver Weave Black Zircon Ring is, for instance, the best piece to gift your girl. This trendy piece will surely bring that glint to her eyes.

Solitaire Rings

Solitaires are a girl’s best friend. Don’t believe us? Try gifting her one and see the face light up. The smile will tell you everything. When it comes to solitaire rings, they are always a classic for there is no going wrong with them. Without a second thought, a solitaire also makes up for a perfect gift option.

Take this Rose Gold Solitaire Ring, This perfect ring would surely make her go all gaga over your choices.

Couple Rings

One thing that without doubt would declare your love for her is the couple bands. Couple rings are complimentary to each other and are considered a perfect ode to love and relationship. And to your girl, it is the ultimate sign of love.

So do not hesitate to go a step ahead. These Silver Heart String Couple Rings are a perfect present for the girl of your dreams. So here you go, sterling silver, rose gold, or oxidized- this perfect ring bible for your girl right within your reach. Follow these tips for buying the best rings for her and look at her glow-in love.

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