Solitaire Collection: Try Made-to-order option at GIVA stores

Solitaire Collection: Try Made-to-order option at GIVA stores

When it comes to finding the perfect piece of jewellery, one size rarely fits all. Everyone has unique tastes and preferences, especially for something as personal and meaningful as jewellery. That’s why GIVA's Gold Collection, with its made-to-order option, is revolutionizing the way we think about personalised jewellery. This enhances the creativity of the approach to manufacturing so that all pieces are aesthetically pleasing, emblematic, and personal.

What is The Solitaire Collection? 

Solitaire Collection showcases GIVA’s superior design at its finest in rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Each piece emphasises elegance and simplicity. This has the effect of directing attention towards the more minimalist solitaires, which enables the beauty of the gemstone to speak for itself thus creating unique pieces of artwork.

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Why Choose GIVA for Made-to-Order Gold Jewellery?

Gold Amyra Statement Diamond Ring

Gold Amyra Statement Diamond Ring

Opting for a made-to-order piece from the Gold Collection offers several advantages:

1. Personalisation

I think it is so helpful to talk about the advantages of GIVA’s made-to-order option and one of them is that you can create a unique piece. You are allowed to make a selection of your choice - be it a small, large, or a cluster of gemstones on gold. 

2. Perfect Fit

Gold arched diamond mangalsutra

Gold arched diamond mangalsutra

Jewellery must be comfortable if it is to be worn – this applies particularly to rings. Ordering a piece is advantageous because you can get a perfect fit if choosing the made-to-order option. This makes sure that everything fits right, brings maximum comfort, and offers you perfect attire by wearing exactly what you want with its perfect touch.

3. Unique Design

With Made-to-order Gold and Solitaire Collection,  you are buying much more than just jewellery, you are building your very own accessory. GIVA artists throw their skill, time, and energy behind your idea to give you a unique handmade piece that a shop-bought item can never replicate.

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Process of Creating Your Made-to-order Gold with a Solitaire Piece

Creating your made-to-order gold jewellery can be a fun and easy process when you follow the below steps:


This is where it starts: Go to your nearest GIVA store, or go online for further experience. A consultant will assist you in making the choice of what kind of gemstone you prefer, and what type of metal you prefer in Gold.


Gold Entwined Journeys Diamond Ring

Gold Entwined Journeys Diamond Ring

Selecting your options, GIVA’s professional designers will prepare a design to match the covenant of your jewellery. They are ideal since you can make some corrections about the design before the manufacture of the products starts.


GIVA’s artisans shall enhance your jewellery without any flaw in its making that a human hand can see. As for the construction, the quality of the materials used, and the skills of the builders implied that all the work would be first-rate.


After your newly made-to-order gold with solitaire piece is finished, it will be properly wrapped, and arrangements will be made for its delivery to you. The end product is an elegant and custom-made accessory that many would not mind keeping with them for a number of years.

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Gold Distant Melody Diamond PendantGold Distant Melody Diamond Pendant

The superior quality, workmanship, and dedication toward customers have made GIVA a reputable brand in crafting excellent Gold and Solitaire Jewellery. It is one of the brands that do this perfectly and their collection is a perfect embodiment of these values in the world of beauty and solitaire pieces. When you select a GIVA piece of jewellery, you are choosing an item that will remain as timeless as your love while retaining a precious spot in your memory.

So, we can say that the Solitaire Collection at GIVA stores can be the best choice for those who wants to make an exclusive and individual piece of jewellery since it offers an individual order service. Whether it’s to commemorate a special event, a birthday, or any other occasion that merits a unique piece, or in cases where someone wants to spoil oneself and invest in a bespoke jewellery piece, this collection is as special as it gets, for it allows one to showcase one’s style, taste, and preference, besides receiving an original, premium, and beautiful work of art in return. Visit GIVA today and get yourself on the route of being able to wear jewellery that depicts your identity.
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