Simple and Traditional Nose Pins for Indian Women

Simple and Traditional Nose Pins for Indian Women

Nose Pins have been as much a part of the accessorising game as other jewellery pieces. Thanks to the elegance and grace it embodies, nothing speaks for the Indian culture as much as a traditional nose pin design. So, when you want to feel like embracing the rich Indian culture and feel like the pA you are, silver nose pins are the way to go. 

When to Have a Nose Piercing?

Nose Pins have been in the Indian culture for as long as the 16th century and a nose piercing is a symbol of a new phase of a girl’s life. As for where to pierce, women in southern parts of India prefer to wear a nose pin on the right side whereas for the rest places, the left side of the nose is preferred. 

Age is not a factor as to when you should start wearing a nose pin, but in India getting a nose piercing has a traditional significance. 

Nose pins are a form of self-expression and a way to embrace your culture. 

Types of Nose Pins 

Like any other piece of jewellery, you can explore the different types of nose pins and find the one that suits your style and personality. Here are a few different options you can look at: 

Traditional Nose Pin Design

Traditional nose pins are the most common and preferred style. They are mostly of gold or silver and have a solitaire design. They sometimes have coloured stones and different symbols to add variety. Simple and sophisticated, these classics have an irreplaceable place in the lives of Indian women. 

The Silver Sparkling Heart Nose Pin is one of our bestsellers and a great gift for new brides. 

A Modern Take on Nose Pins

Lately, nose pins have become a mode of expressing and carrying one’s distinctive style rather than just a jewellery piece. Days are long gone, when women used to wear a nose pin just because they needed to or they were not used to without one. Today, women are choosing to adorn themselves with this exquisite piece of jewellery and these modern designs are a great way to do so. 

The Rose Gold Clover Nose Pin and Oxidised Silver Classic Nose Pin are classic examples of how the modern woman prefers her nose pins to be. 

Nose Pins for Special Occasions

Nose Pins are a great way to get your ethnic-style game on point. It’s such a powerful piece of jewellery that it can transform any basic look into a stylish one. Not to mention, there are several options available when you buy silver jewellery online. The best way to style nose pins is to go with an oxidised silver one for casual and formal occasions and solitaire or studded zircon ones for special occasions.

The Rose Gold Sparkling Heart Nose Pin and the Oxidised Silver Bottle Green Nose Pin have got you covered for both special and casual occasions. 

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