Life at GIVA

Life at GIVA

A long way has been walked, a lot of journeys have been taken, but together we have enjoyed and overcame it all.

A story that started with just 11 members, is now adding characters almost each day. From one themed collection to a new launch every week and of course, the ever increasing fam of our DIVAs, GIVA has come a long way.

One of the biggest event for the GIVA fam has been the onboarding of our fav DIVA, Neha Kakkar. This melodious brand ambassador simply made the fam even shinier. This came with the opportunity to collaborate with so many minds and that’s how we became the family of +80k.

All this motivated us take a step ahead and we brought you the oxidisied silver collection in the avatar of AVNI by GIVA.

We’ve celebrated it all together- Diwali Christmas, new Years. We’ve celebrated ours ups, we’ve cherished our downs and we’ve grown together.

Here’s a glimpse of what went by till now and a promise that what is coming up would be even more exciting.

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