Keep them glittering on rainy days!

Keep Your Bling Dazzling: Jewellery Care Tips for This Rainy Season

The first raindrops of monsoon bring joy after streaming summer heat, but can also bring woes for your precious jewellery. Rainy days call for extra care to keep your bling dazzling and prevent tarnishing. Don't let humid weather dull your sparkle!

Follow these jewellery care tips to keep your fine jewellery collection shimmering like new when grey clouds arrive. Learn the secrets to maintaining lustre and let your jewellery sparkle all season long!

A hand placing diamond rings into separate slots in a jewellery box to keep them safely stored.
Safe haven for your precious jewels!

Store Jewels in a Dry Space (Box Them Up)

When you take off your jewels for the day, don't just toss them aside haphazardly. Keep your precious ornaments safely tucked away in a jewellery box, safe from moisture, grime, and tangles.

Jewellery boxes with compartments let you neatly organise your pieces so they don't scratch each other. Tiny boxes are perfect for storing rings securely. Shutting the lid keeps out humidity, dust, and other damaging elements so your jewels retain their lustre longer.

A woman gently wiping down a gemstone ring with a soft cloth
Pampering delicate jewellery with care!

Wash Away Grime Gently and Regularly

Just like your other belongings, jewellery also attracts dirt, grease, and soap-scum over time. Grime can dull the shine of gems and encourage tarnishing of metals. Make it a habit to gently clean your jewels once a week during monsoon using a mild jewellery cleaning solution.

Dip soft cloths into the solution and use them to gently wipe down each piece. Pay special attention to intricate crevices and underneath central stones where grime likes to hide. Let your jewels air dry on a soft towel before putting them away. Regular cleaning keeps them glittering!

Jewellery near a window. Raining outside
A rainy day sparkle check!

Be Careful When Wearing Jewellery Outdoors

While your jewels may love attention, limit how much time you make them spend under pouring rain. When headed out on a wet day, pick just one or two favourite jewels to wear instead of your whole collection. Avoid wearing fragile, delicate jewellery that could bend or break if bumped under the umbrella.

Diamonds and other gems retain their sparkle longest when kept away from moisture and grime. Take off your jewels while doing wet, dirty outdoor work and keep them safely stored at home.

Image of hands drying jewellery
Drip-drying the jewellery!

Dry Jewellery Thoroughly After Exposure to Moisture

If your jewellery happens to get wet in the rain, it's important to dry them thoroughly before storage. Water pooling under stones can lead to damage over time. Gently dab pieces with a soft towel to soak up moisture from nooks and crannies.

You can also use a hairdryer on a cool setting to blow dry your jewellery after light towel drying. Make sure to hold pieces securely while drying so you don't accidentally blow them away! Allow jewels to fully air dry instead of hastily putting them into a box while still moist.

Image of hands keeping jewellery in a box
Again, keep them back in haven!

Store Jewellery Properly After Wearing

After a day out in your jewellery, make sure to wipe them clean with a soft dry cloth before putting them away for storage. This removes skin oils, makeup residue, dirt, and other grime that may have collected throughout the day.

Don't jumble everything together haphazardly. Lay pieces separately in a tray or slot them into compartments so they don't snag or scratch against each other. Proper storage keeps your precious jewellery damage-free and brilliant!

Final Thoughts

With a few smart jewellery care tips and practices, you can keep your precious jewels looking like new even through the rainy days. Protect your sparkling jewels from humidity and grime by storing it carefully when not in use.

Make a routine of gently cleaning ornaments once a week. Limit wearing jewels during heavy rain and make sure to thoroughly dry pieces after getting wet. With the right care, your jewels will dazzle this monsoon and for many more seasons to come!

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