Jewellery Trends That Became Modern Classics

Jewellery Trends That Became Modern Classics

Trends do come and go but we are here to prove it wrong. Often, trends appear and disappear in a flash and not a lot of us even take notice of it. On the contrary, some jewellery trends have quickly become classics and irreplaceable. So, if you have bought it then and are now wondering if you can still wear it you might have just gotten lucky.

Coloured Hues

Vibrant, colourful jewellery has been in trend for quite some time now but setting various coloured stones side by side to form a distinctive pattern has taken the world by storm. What we like the most about these kinds of jewellery and rings for women is that you don’t have to worry about styling them with certain outfits.

The Anushka Sharma Rose Gold Cherry Crown Ring is one of the must-have classic jewellery pieces.

Symbolic and Fun Charms

Charms have quickly become everyone’s favourite and why shouldn’t they? They are the perfect example of showcasing individuality through personalisation in jewellery. When mixed with antique or one-of-a-kind charms, the beauty is unbelievable.

The Anushka Sharma Rose Gold Love Heart Pendant With Link Chain has a heart charm that can be worn at all times.


It is evident that today, jewellery is much more than just a piece of accessory. But so much more than that. Well, that is where the idea of wearing jewellery as a talisman came into play. The most popular ones are hands of Hamsa, evil eye, black thread anklets or bracelets, star signs, or coloured stones.

The Silver Evil Eye Clover Bracelet and the Rose Gold Hamsa Evil Eye Pendant With Link Chain are the two talisman bracelets for women and pendants that have been all the fad. Silver Pearl Pendant With Link Chain is one such pendant for women the bride will cherish forever.

Hey, Hoops

After being a must-have classic in the 80s fashion, hoops are back. What seemed to be a short-lived trend has become a classic jewellery piece every woman should own. These classic hoops have been interpreted in various ways and still share the same charm and elegance.

The Anushka Sharma Rose Gold Chunky Charm Hoops are the perfect example of boho meets chic.

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