Jewellery for Indian Wear and Style Guide

Jewellery for Indian Wear and Style Guide

Jewellery is as important as anything else in your wardrobe. While the preferences may vary, all women love to adorn themselves with jewellery on all kinds of occasions. And sometimes, without any occasion as well like a mangalsutra, toe ring, anklet , etc. But, Indian ethnic jewellery has a special place in our hearts.

You feel the most confident and best version of yourself with Indian ethnic jewellery and can’t resist but keep buying more of it.

Here you have a few tips on how you can style the existing pieces in your wardrobe with different ethnic outfits.

Necklaces for Lehengas: 

Weddings are the most happening events in India and you need to put your best fashion foot forward here. The most preferred choice for such events is a lehenga and they are best paired with necklaces
Since lehengas are a more dressy outfit, you need to choose the right jewellery for your lehenga.  
Something a little more bold, blingy, and alluring.


GIVA’s Anushka Sharma Silver Affair Necklace is just the right pick for a lehenga or special occasion. 

Coloured Stones for Sarees: 

Sarees are the quintessential example of ethnic wear and women of all ages are tempted to adorn themselves with one. All across the country, sarees are worn in so many ways, and the best way to accessorize them is with coloured stone jewellery
For special occasions, you can go for statement pieces, and for casual occasions, you can easily tone them down with minimal coloured stone jewellery. 

GIVA’s Silver Cherry Pink Petal Earrings are a versatile piece that will pair well with both minimal and dressy outfits. 

Jhumkis for Kurti:

If there is one ethnic outfit that you will find in abundance in a girl’s wardrobe, it has to be a Kurti, and rightly so. There is nothing more comfortable, versatile, and elegant than a Kurti. Now for the accessorizing part, a jhumki would be just right. You can also check out the GIVA silver earrings collection online. With minimal jhumkis, you can also opt for a dainty bracelet to add some finishing touches. 

Check out GIVA’s Rose Gold Pretty Little Jhumki, jewellery as versatile as the outfit. 

With the myriad of options to choose from, styling your Indian ethnic wear jewellery is now a cakewalk. Moreover, with the tips mentioned above, you don’t have to spend time thinking about which jewellery piece to pair with what outfit. Check out GIVA's bestselling jewellery.

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