Add a sparkle to your Valentine’s cocktail dress with GIVA’s captivating ring for women

Glam Up Your Valentine’s Cocktail Dress with Delightful Rings

 Valentine's Day is an invitation to dress in your finest and let your personal style shine, especially when it comes to selecting the perfect accessories. Rings, in their small but mighty presence, have the power to transform any look, bringing an air of sophistication and charm. 

This year, explore how the right ring can elevate your cocktail dress, turning your Valentine’s celebration into a dazzling display of fashion. From the subtle shimmer of silver to the warm glow of rose gold, each ring for women is a piece of art, ready to add that special touch to your outfit. Here are 5 delightful rings to glam up your Valentine's cocktail dress.


Unlock a world of romance

Openable Te Amo Ring

The Openable Te Amo Ring is a marvel of fine jewellery. Its silver band, studded with sparkling zircons, is a secret keeper. With an innovative open mechanism, this ring reveals a hidden message, adding a layer of intimacy and mystery to your Valentine's attire. 

Style this ring for women with a sleek, modern cocktail dress to create an air of sophisticated allure. It's perfect for a romantic dinner or a chic Valentine’s party, where its unique feature will surely be a conversation starter.


Narrate a tale of passion

Epic Romance Ring

The Epic Romance Ring, with its majestic rose gold hue, features an oval motif set with radiant red stones. The shoulders of the ring are adorned with a V-type design, studded with zircons, adding a touch of glamour to its bold statement. 

This ring for women is a celebration of love’s grandeur and pairs exceptionally well with a classic cocktail dress. Think of an elegant black or deep red dress, allowing the ring to stand out and encapsulate the essence of a romantic evening.


Embrace elegance

Sweet Love Ring

This Sweet Love Ring, featuring a pear-shaped pink stone at its heart, is flanked by zircons, creating a harmonious balance of colour and sparkle. The Sweet Love Ring is the epitome of femininity and delicate charm. 

It pairs beautifully with lighter, flowing cocktail dresses, adding a hint of romance and softness to your look. Ideal for a more subtle Valentine’s ensemble, this ring complements pastel shades and intricate dress details with grace.


Whisper tales of love

Adorable Heart Ring

Crafted in rose gold, this Adorable Heart Ring features a heart motif with a red coloured stone, encased in a shimmering layer of zircon. The open heart mechanism, revealing the inscription "I" and "U," is a testament to the timeless nature of love. 

This ring for women is a perfect match for romantic-style dresses, such as those with lace or ruffled details. Its enchanting design and hidden message make it a unique accessory for an unforgettable Valentine's Day.


Rule the night with the regal ring

Princess in Red Ring

The Princess in Red Ring set includes two silver stackable rings, one featuring a square motif with a bold red-coloured stone and the other adorned with a V motif studded with zircons. Their versatile design allows you to wear them together for a layered look or individually for a more minimalistic approach. 

This ring for women is ideal for pairing with a sophisticated, form-fitting cocktail dress, adding an element of royal elegance to your Valentine’s Day ensemble.

Let Your Style Shine with GIVA!

As Valentine's Day approaches, let GIVA be your guide in finding the perfect ring to complement your cocktail dress. Each jewellery in the Red Romance collection is a testament to GIVA’s commitment to elegance and quality, ensuring that you shine bright on this special day. 

Explore our fine jewellery collection and find the ring for women that not only complements your dress but also celebrates your unique style!

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