Interesting Trends & Tips: Glam Up your Lehnga with the right Jewellery

Interesting Trends & Tips: Glam Up your Lehnga with the right Jewellery

Weddings & lehngas have an excellent relationship with each other. You will always find women flaunting their lehngas as these are some of the most important dresses of Indian ethnic wear particularly during occasions like weddings, festival,s or other joyous occurrences. Just like how the lehenga by itself is beautiful the beauty of the outfit increases when enhanced by the proper jewelleries. However, with the great variety of designs and models, it becomes very challenging to select appropriate jewellery that will suit your lehenga perfectly.

So, GIVA has brought an amazing jewellery collection that suits any type of lehnga, but before that, you must know which type of jewellery suits on lehenga. This is indeed an important topic to discuss and it's time that you learn about different designs of jewellery that perfectly complement different lehenga fashions that you may want to wear.

It’s time to Understand Your Lehenga

While the kind of jewellery you want to wear largely depends on the style and design of the lehenga you need to wear on your special occasion, first you must consider these key elements:

Color and Fabric: The climax of the lehenga can determine if a set of jewellery will suit the dress or not, depending on the color of the fabric used in the lehenga. As for clothing, striking and bright tones with great density such as velvet or silk, can be complemented by richer accessories, whereas light clothes and delicate pastel tones should be complemented with more thin and fancy accessories.

Embroidery and Embellishments: Sometimes, even the embroidery part of the lehenga influences the style of ornaments to be worn, due to the great extent of manifested work. A traditional lehenga could require heavy jewellery or the ethnic style of ornaments while a relatively plain lehenga could look great with big ornaments.

Neckline and Blouse Design: In terms of the blouse, the neckline and design should be chosen to go well with the style of the necklace. It may be silly to think that a high neck does not require a piece of jewelry like a necklace; however, a deep neckline should not be left bare without a striking necklace.

Types of Lehnga you can choose:

Lehenga jewellery types that are appropriate for various lehenga designs contain different and unique designs of necklaces and earrings.

1. Traditional Lehengas

As for the traditional lehengas, they are ornamented with rich elegance that includes heavy dulling, and classic cuts. They complement usual traditional jewellery trinkets that have more details and an antique touch to them.

Polki Jewellery: Polki sets, which are uncut diamond pieces, look traditional and grand; therefore, are ideal for lehengas. It also provides a royal touch and aligns well with the opulent look of formal wear.

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Kundan Jewellery: This work called Kundan work in which there are meticulous settings of stones and gold is the most suitable for the traditional color of lehengas. If you are going the Indian way, opt for the classic choker necklace along with the matching earrings and maang tikka.

Temple Jewellery: Temple jewellery is an excellent example of jewels, which have divinity, and mostly have an antique touch, which when combined with the traditional silk lehengas, looks marvelous. The brass finishes with gold hues and the added detail of eye-popping ornamentation which improves the classic looks.

2. Contemporary Lehengas

Modern lehengas may have the traditional intricate embroidery work on them but the cuts can appear more contemporary, the color shades can be more experimental than before and the styling on the lehenga can be rather unconventional. These products can be combined with other fashionable accessories such as modern jewellery that will enhance the beauty of clothes while at the same time not being too overpowering.

Diamond Jewellery: Designs that have a modern cut like diamond tenements are ideal when paired with new-cut lehengas. An outstanding statement diamond necklace or an elegant pendant with the corresponding earrings can bring shimmering and stylishness.

Minimalist Gold Jewellery: This is even more so the case when it comes to the lehengas that have a contemporary touch in their design, and pairing them with equally simple yet elegant gold pieces, shaped with geometric patterns or the clean, straight lines will only add more character to the outfit without ruining its individuality.

picture of minimalist gold necklace

Fuse your stylish lehenga with a magnificent gold necklace

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Fusion Jewellery: Porosity of fusion ornamentation that fuses one style from more can make the new modern lehengas designs more striking. Specifically, look for pieces that combine unique elements or elements with unconventional shapes.

3. Bridal Lehengas

These bridal lehengas are stunning and packed with embellishments, therefore the ornate jewellery best complements these wedding attires.

Heavy Gold Sets: For more traditional weddings, then it is recommended that women wear heavy gold sets with more elaborate engravings. Such accessories may include chokers, long chain necklaces, jhumkas, bangles as well as matha pattis.

Pearl Jewellery: This type of jewel adds a very classic touch and can be worn with gold or diamond accessories in order to complete the bridal ensemble look. A pearl necklace emphasizing the layering technique combined with pearl earrings may look very striking.

Pure as the drop of pearl in the string

Pure as the drop of pearl in the string 

Multi-layered Necklaces: A combination of multi-layered necklaces of different lengths and designs can be achieved to provide the grandeur and magnificence required to complete the ultimate striking outfit. Wear a bangle set along with earrings that are matching with the bangles for a perfect set look.

Matching Jewellery with Different Lehnga Colours:

Red Lehenga: Kundan/Jadau jewellery which is a traditional jewellery made of gold and studded with stones also complements the color red in lehengas perfectly.

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Pastel Lehenga: When pairing pastel lehengas, they should avoid bold jewellery, but instead, prefer setting relatively small diamonds, pearls, or simple gold jewellery to maintain the delicate appearance of the item.

Green Lehenga: Green-shaded accessories such as emerald jewellery or an accessory piece with emerald touch can brighten up green lehenga and effectively maintain color harmony.

Blue Lehenga: Silver or platinum ornaments with blue stones can complement a blue lehenga perfectly as a cool color that distinguishes class.

Blue stone necklace exclusively for your blue-shaded lehenga

Blue stone necklace exclusively for your blue-shaded lehenga

Tips for choosing the right jewellery for your lehnga

Choosing the right jewellery can be quite a daunting task, however, the following tips can be of great help.

Balance: Make sure that the intensity of the lehenga and the jewellery is not unmatched, overly emphasized, or excessive. These pieces should not both match in terms of heaviness/ ornate detailing – if one is more opulent, the other should be less so.

Comfort: The jewellery must be one that the wearer will not have to remove or change frequently especially to be worn to functions for extended periods. Some beauty could make them heavy which when worn for some time will result in discomfort.

Personal Style: Always think about style and couture which can be best suited according to your personality. The jewels should be unique and convey some personality within you that you will feel comfortable with.

GIVA: Perfect Matchmakers for your Lehnga & Jewellery 

Deciding what kind of jewellery to wear along with the lehenga holds the key to your beauty and elegance as the whole look depends on it. In other words, both the old-style and new-style lehenga have jewellery that fits the expectations of people. So, GIVA is here to make you understand the style, colour, and type of stones used in your lehenga and display exquisite gold & silver jewellery to complement your features best. You can check out our entire product list where you will find excellent products that every woman desires!
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