GIVA’s Valentine’s Hustle : All-hands-on-deck for Packaging, with love!

GIVA’s Valentine’s Hustle : All-hands-on-deck for Packaging, with love!

Valentine’s at GIVA comes with a horde of responsibilities and hectic schedules! Packaging all these countless orders seems tedious but exciting nevertheless for we get to feel all the love coming our way from our amazing customers! Just like us, our customers truly know how to celebrate the festival of love by shopping for exquisite silver jewellery for themselves and their loved ones. It’s the most beautiful expression of love!

Considering how Valentine’s is the busiest time of the year for us at GIVA, the situation demands an all-hands-on-deck action. Needless to say, that’s exactly what the environment here at the office looks like. From the operations team to the tech team to the marketing team and of course our design team – every member is busy hustling to get all the orders packed and ready to be shipped!

This ocean of love we are flooded with during Valentine’s every year is our greatest source of gratification and gratitude! The only way we can express our heartfelt emotions to our amazing customers is by working together and getting your chosen personalised jewellery packed with a lot of love and sent to you at the earliest!

We at GIVA are always about spreading that love and joy, what better time than Valentine’s to have everyone work as a team, with no time to spare, but smiling all through the way because we wouldn’t have it any other way! It is truly the season of LOVE, all around the world, and in our GIVA universe!

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