Mens wedding ring in yellow gold & rose gold

Engraving Timeless Designs: Choosing the right wedding ring for men

Wedding rings are meant to be memorable. No matter whether it’s a girl or a boy, both have their wishes and desires when it comes to choosing the type of ring they love. So, we can say that selecting a wedding ring is not an easy task especially when your man is very choosy and has some specific picture in his mind. With this fact, GIVA is here with its ultimate collection of wedding rings for men that are elegant, classy, and at the same time very exclusive in design & quality. 

But, do you know everything about wedding rings? Can you choose the best ones on the list? 

Well, these are a few common questions that pop up in our minds before we make the final selection. This is because we are not sure about which type of ring would be best for the groom and how we can select the right one from a big list. So, let's try to explore all the points that will clear the doubts in our minds and assist you in choosing the right man's wedding ring. You will have an overview of the various types of wedding rings available, along with which type of metal is in high demand in the market.  

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Latest Styles of Men’s Wedding Bands

1. Classic Gold-plated Bands 

Simple yet classy: Just like him 

Gold-plated jewellery is still one of the most popular and timeless choices that we can make for wedding rings. It has the advantage of being quite robust and has a timeless design that many grooms appreciate. 

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Yellow Gold: Classic and welcoming, yellow gold ring is a timeless piece that appeals to conservative but elegant individuals. 

White Gold: It is a stylish design that has a touch of gold which is a timeless color. 

Rose Gold: This product gives a very romantic and beautiful look mainly owing to the pink colour that it possesses. 

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2. Signature Rings  

These days you will find many men wearing signature rings that are specifically designed to add more to a strong personality. Some signature signs and stones were added to make the ring shine. 

Designs that capture your heart

These are available in both silver and gold metal which means you can buy the one that brings a smile to your face and lets you cherish the moment of happiness. 

3. Couple Rings 

With matching dress codes the bride and groom are now buying couple wedding rings that are crafted in combination with each other. You will find these rings in different designs but in pairs with each other and for this reason, these are called couple rings. 

Pure love for the one who made your life amazing 

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Tips for Selecting the Best Wedding Ring 

1. Referee Your Lifestyle:

The kind of life that one has is also a factor that will in some way determine the type of wedding ring that one is supposed to wear. For active people or those who lead an active life, it is advisable to get bands that are made from titanium, tungsten, or platinum as they are durable and can withstand regular usage.

2. Metal Preference 

Choose a metal that you like the most, and which will not cause any irritation on your skin. If you are more into the vintage or aristocratic styles, then gold or platinum will best suit your needs. For a more contemporary appearance, options such as titanium, tungsten, or cobalt chrome can be useful. 

Unique designs paired with precious stones 

3. Comfort Fit 

    There is a tendency to find that most of the men's wedding rings are crafted in comfort fit which is where the interior of the ring has a curve. This design is more fit, above all, for the wider bands, as it offers more space. 

    4. Width and Size 

    There are different types of men’s wedding rings and these come in different widths with the most common widths being 4mm to 8mm. Thicker bands are more conspicuous and they give an impression of being broader as compared to thinner bands. It is advisable to ensure that you get your ring size right to ensure that it fits as it should. 

    5. Personalization 

    Adding engravings to your wedding ring will make it more beautiful and personal to the couple. It is also possible to have your partner’s name, initials, wedding date, or any inscription you would wish to have inscribed on the inner part of the band. 

    Men’s Wedding Bands - Trends that are in high demand in the market

    Mixed Metals: Use two types of gold, white gold and rose gold to make a beautiful and contemporary piece of jewelry. 

    Textured Finishes: It is worth mentioning that traditional rings come in hammered, brushed, or matte finishes to make them stand out. 

    Gemstone Accents: Placing small diamonds or colored gemstones creates a nice detail that does not overpower the design. 

    Forever wedding ring for the man of your dreams 

    GIVA welcomes you to pick the right wedding ring for your man 

    Selecting a wedding ring is a very important and individual process that requires a lot of time and effort. Thus, taking into account the lifestyle, metal type, and additional characteristics, a person can select the most suitable ring to show love and affection. From the traditional yellow gold to the more contemporary white or even black gold, there are many options for the groom to choose from when it comes to a wedding ring. 

    Upon visiting GIVA, one is likely to find the best men’s wedding rings to suit his taste and pocket. Come to our store or browse through our online gallery to select the right ring for the occasion you are celebrating.

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