Embrace Tradition: 6 Polki-Inspired Jewellery Picks for Regal Bridal Look

Embrace Tradition: 6 Polki-Inspired Jewellery Picks for Regal Bridal Look

As the wedding season rolls in with its grandeur, the charm of traditional Polki jewellery regains its spotlight. Perfect for brides who dream of a royal and elegant look on their special day, polki jewellery embodies the essence of heritage and splendour. 

Polki jewellery for the bride offers a perfect blend of age-old charm and contemporary design. They are heirlooms that narrate stories of culture and beauty. Let’s explore 6 exquisite Polki-inspired jewellery selections, each promising to elevate the bridal look with a touch of regal sophistication.

Transform with Elegance

Banno Convertible Earrings

Banno Convertible Earrings, with their convertible design, offer the modern bride flexibility and style. The flower motif exudes natural beauty, making them ideal for various bridal events, from the sangeet to the main ceremony. They symbolise the blossoming of a new life, making them a significant choice in Polki jewellery for the bride.

Time-Honoured Touch for the Bridal Look

Teri Nazar Nose Pin

Teri Nazar Nose Pin with a floral design and attached pearl chain is a nod to classic beauty. It enhances the bride's facial features, adding a subtle yet striking element to the bridal attire. Perfect for brides who cherish traditional aesthetics, this nose pin is an essential piece of wedding jewellery, symbolising grace and femininity.

Capturing the Essence of Bridal Beauty

Din Shagna Da Haathphool

The Din Shagna Da Haathphool, with its large floral centrepiece, is a statement of elegance and intricacy. Adorned with rose-cut glass stones, it brings a touch of sparkle to the bride's hands. This silver haathphool is perfect for brides seeking a blend of traditional design and modern craftsmanship in their wedding jewellery for the bride.

Majestic Addition to the Bridal Ensemble

Laung Da Lashkara Layered Necklace

The six-layered design of this Laung Da Lashkara Layered Necklace makes it a showstopper. Each layer, adorned with rose-cut glass stones, adds depth and grandeur, reflecting the opulence of traditional Indian weddings. This necklace is ideal for brides who want their wedding jewellery to make a regal statement.

Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Elegance

Sathiyaan Bracelet

The three-petal flower motif of this silver Sathiyaan Bracelet, adorned with coloured stones and zircons, brings a touch of delicacy and sophistication to the bridal look. It’s a subtle yet stunning piece of Polki jewellery, perfect for brides who prefer understated elegance in their wedding jewellery.

Symbol of Bridal Royalty

Say Shava Shava Maang Tikka

Say Shava Shava Maang Tikka, with its half-flower motifs and pearls, is a tribute to traditional bridal headwear. It beautifully complements the bride's hairstyle and makeup, adding a regal touch to the overall look. This piece is essential Polki jewellery for the bride, symbolising the beauty and dignity of Indian bridal attire.

A Royal Legacy with GIVA’s Polki Jewellery!

A bride’s wedding day is an event of a lifetime, and the jewellery she chooses plays a pivotal role in defining her look. Vivvah Da Swag collection offers brides an opportunity to embrace their heritage with a regal touch. 

From versatile earrings to the majestic Say Shava Shava Maang Tikka necklace for women, each piece blends tradition and contemporary elegance. Explore GIVA’s fine jewellery collection for more jewellery for brides that promise to make your wedding day as regal and memorable as your love story.

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