Add boldness to your look with purple jewellery!

Embrace Boldness with the Mystical Charm of Purple Jewellery

Purple is a colour that has always captivated people with its allure and mystery. It is a colour that symbolises royalty, wisdom, magic, and passion. Purple jewellery is a perfect way to express your bold style and add a touch of whimsy to your look!

Purple jewellery can also enhance your mood and energy, as purple gemstones are known to have spiritual and healing properties.

In this blog, we will explore some of the stunning purple jewellery and how to style them for a bold and beautiful look.

Purple Jewellery: A Symbol of Royalty, Wisdom, and Magic

Purple jewellery has a long and fascinating history, dating back to ancient times when purple dye was extracted from rare shellfish and used to colour the garments of the elite. They are often associated with spiritual awareness, intuition, and creativity.

Purple jewellery can enhance your appearance and mood, as well as attract positive energy and protection. Here are some of the ways you can wear purple jewellery to express your individuality and flair.

Spring into style with this lovely crocus bloom necklace

Rose Gold Crocus Bloom Necklace

Rose Gold Crocus Bloom Necklace has two crocus flower motifs filled with purple enamel and five leaves studded with zircons. It is a delicate and feminine piece that can add a touch of spring to your outfit. The crocus flower is a symbol of joy, hope, and youthfulness. The purple enamel adds a pop of colour to the rose gold chain, creating a contrast that is both elegant and playful.

You can wear this necklace with a simple white blouse or dress for a fresh and chic look, or pair it with a purple top or scarf for a monochromatic effect.

Add some charm to your step with this cute purple anklet

Purple Charm Anklet

The Oxidised Silver Purple Charm anklet is handcrafted with love, just for YOU. The tiny purple charms hang on the beaded chain, bringing a pop of colour to your vibe. This anklet is perfect for adding some fun and whimsy to your feet. They sparkle and shine in the light, catching the eye of anyone who sees them.

You can wear this anklet with sandals or flats for a casual look, or with heels or wedges for a more glamorous one. You can also mix and match it with other anklets or bracelets for a layered look.

Be bold and beautiful with this dazzling purple ring

Purple Vibrant Ring

The purple vibrant ring has a big square purple-coloured zirconia set in the centre with smaller zircons on the band. It is a statement piece that can make your fingers look fabulous. The purple zircon in this ring has a deep and rich colour that can complement any skin tone.

You can wear this ring with any outfit that needs some sparkle and glamour. You can also pair it with other silver or purple jewellery for a coordinated look.

Shine bright like the moon with these gorgeous crescent earrings

Shining Crescent Earrings

Shining Crescent Earrings are inspired by the vastness of the sky with twinkling stars and the alluring moon making nights brighter. They have an oval zircon studded design with a beautiful purple stone in the centre. The purple stone contrasts nicely with the clear zircons that surround it, creating a sparkling effect that resembles the night sky.

You can wear these earrings with any outfit that needs some sophistication and charm. You can also match them with other crescent-shaped jewellery for a celestial theme.

Add a hint of purple hue to your look with GIVA!

Purple jewellery is not only beautiful but also meaningful. It can help you express your personality, mood, and style in different ways.

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