Gold jewellery sets make special days sparkle

Elegant Gold Jewellery Sets for Special Occasions

Gold has captivated us for centuries with its prized radiance that epitomises timeless elegance. When donned with gold finery, one exudes an unmistakable aura - full of grace, luxury and glamour.

As special occasions call for exceptional adornments, gold jewellery set for women can make the perfect jewels for such memorable moments. From delicate designs with dainty silhouettes to bold statement pieces with exquisite craftsmanship, gold jewellery uplifts any outfit with its iconic glamour.

So let those special moments sparkle a little brighter with these elegant gold jewellery sets for special occasions.

Golden Crimson Heart Set
Made For Each Other

Golden Crimson Heart Set

This romantic jewellery set has a pendant with a sparkling red heart on lustrous gold, and matching earrings with petite heart shapes decorated with shimmering stones.

The earrings with their stunning heart-shaped design studded with petite zircons, complement the pendant beautifully. Both versatile and timelessly romantic, this golden crimson set could become your favourite jewellery pairing for date nights, anniversaries and Valentine's Day!

Golden Whirling Winds Set
Celebrating Nature

Golden Whirling Winds Set

Introducing the Golden Whirling Winds Set from our gold-plated jewellery collection. This beautifully crafted set features a magnificently rotating depiction of wind, coated in premium quality gold. Inspired by the captivating dance of breezy whirlwinds, the set portrays an aesthetic of nature's beauty and grace. Its delicate and intricate detailing illuminates the inherently beautiful aesthetics. Enchant your style with the warmth of gold and the enchantment of wind's artistry.

The White Periwinkle Set
Vision of Grace

The White Periwinkle Set

The white periwinkle set features a beautiful spread of white pearls and stones with glimmering zircons. Neither too extravagant nor too plain, this set strikes the perfect balance with its soft lustre.

Elegant enough for a bride on her special day or a girl's coming-of-age ceremony, yet versatile enough for other occasions, the white periwinkle set works beautifully for events where you want show-stopping sparkle minus the conspicuous bling.

Golden Bonding Hearts Set
Two Souls Connected

Golden Bonding Hearts Set

There's no accessory as telling as the heart when it comes to love and togetherness. This golden bonding hearts set includes a pendant with a delicate link chain and a pair of earrings. The pendant boasts a beautiful design of two interconnecting hearts, symbolic of everlasting bonds and ties that empower us.

The earrings have a whimsical dangling design with a twinkling star at the ends - a guiding light for your journey ahead. Wear this meaningful set at weddings, anniversaries or any unifying event as a talisman of love, fidelity and spiritual awakening.

Golden Star Constellation Set
Written in the Stars

Golden Star Constellation Set

Sometimes there are moments so magical that it feels like the stars have aligned just for you. This sparkling golden star constellation set seems to echo that exhilarating feeling. Handcrafted intricately with doting details, this ring set resembles your favourite night sky view.

The design is reminiscent of the guiding stars that have led you to the present joyful moment. Wear this as a reminder of how far you've come and where you're headed next on your starlit path. A perfect fit for engagements, new career quests and new beginnings.

Golden Star Constellation Set
A beautiful historic piece

Golden Taj Mosaic Set

The Golden Taj Mosaic Set features a beautiful hexagonal design with blue enamel studded with zircons. Inspired by the famed Taj Mahal monument, this set is a regal choice for festive occasions like weddings.

The mosaic style of this gold jewellery set for women with sparkling zircons evokes the Taj's ornate beauty and intricate details.

Embrace the Golden Glow With GIVA!

As we move from one milestone to the next, let these elegant gold jewellery sets for women add a touch of timeless glamour and meaning to your special moments.

GIVA brings to you a range of fine jewellery that you're sure to find the perfect pieces to complement the occasion, your style and your story. So go ahead, adorn yourself in gold and let your inner Midas shine!

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