DIVA Speaks ft. DIVA Mekhala

DIVA Speaks ft. DIVA Mekhala

“Beauty is in the eye of beholder” is what they say. Beauty is in the actions of the person is what we believe.
Beauty a subjective word, can be interpreted in hundreds of ways, and maybe, that is exactly what makes it beautiful.

Mekhala is a dentist by profession, a fashion blogger by passion and an entrepreneur by the personality. Poles apart? Yes. But she aces it naturally.  To her, beauty isn’t anything external, it is way beyond. Being beautiful, for her, is never just about looks, but about the heart.
What makes her heart beautiful? Well, the satisfaction of making other happy. She revels in the power and capability of affecting other’s life in a positive way. If she can make their life beautiful, her own life gets better too!

Mekhala has been beautifully overcoming the hurdles and tough times coming in the way given the diversity of her profession and passion, but has she ever given up? Hell no!

A loud shout out to our DIVA Mekhala for defining beautiful in the whole new way!

Hear out yourself.


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