DIVA Speaks ft. DIVA Amrutha

DIVA Speaks ft. DIVA Amrutha

When you are YOU, nothing can stop you, because when you embrace your reality, you become undefeatable. That is what being authentic and being a DIVA is all about.

Amrutha, a dancer, a fitness trainer and a super woman, is the epitome of authentic. She is fierce in what she does and truly unapologetic about her rawness.

Her favourite mode for truly expressing herself is her DANCE, an extension of her personality.
Amrutha has been training since the age of 6, a child prodigy, and, to quote her, “have never stopped since then”.  She calls dance an integral part of her life that lifts her up and pushes her to grow the wings for her flight to the top.

She has surely left us in awe with her authentic grace and is embracing her raw side, one step at a time.
Listen to her story yourself. It’s nothing less than inspiring.


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