Bring Home The Vintage Charm & Timeless Pieces of Oxidised Jewellery

Bring Home The Vintage Charm & Timeless Pieces of Oxidised Jewellery

The dark-shaded metal accessories have recently become popular in the form of oxidised jewellery, which is gaining popularity due to its old-world charm, complemented by modern designs. This is so, given that this particular design is suited with a finish that reminds one of the period classics, which had blended tradition with the conveniences of the contemporary world. Oxidised jewellery is a topic that has caught many peoples’ attention and you will find women pairing their beautiful dresses with an alluring collection of oxidised jewellery. It looks really amazing to get that dark shade finish to the beauty that adds more to its elegance and class.

So, today at GIVA let's find out why oxidised jewellery is trending and What is so special about it? With all these facts it will be easy for us to buy amazing oxidised jewellery without giving a second thought about it.

Historical Beginnings of Oxidised Jewellery

Picture of crafting oxidised Jewellery

The historical beginnings of oxidised jewellery 

The Craft of Oxidised jewellery dates back centuries when it was often done by local artisans. This is a process of treating the surface of the metal through which new complicated designs and points are gained and the surface acquires a black-orange rusty hue. It was in earlier times employed in several cultures to fabricate ornaments that seemed to be antique and artistic; they depicted tradition and workmanship.

1. Ancient Craftsmanship

Oxidised jewellery depicts the hard work of ancient artisans in the designing of jewellery that could endure immensely for a long time. Also, the darkened finish not only served an aesthetic purpose but was also useful in preserving the appearance as well as the durability of the jewellery from corrosion and wear.

2. Cultural Significance

Older cultures regard Oxidised jewellery to have some significance or the other. For instance, it is commonly attributed to ethnic celebrations and ceremonies in the Indian context wherein the aspect reflects the diversified background and craft of the country. The beauty of the Oxidised jewellery lies in the fact that it is created using a unique process that brings out the beauty of oxidisation.

But what makes the Oxidised jewellery look really special is its rather distinct, at the same time nostalgic and rustic appearance. Here are a few reasons why this style continues to captivate jewellery lovers.

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Reasons Why This Style Continues to Captivate Jewellery Lovers

1. Distinctive Look

The dark look of Oxidised jewellery is contrary to bright shiny metals that are used in most modern and traditional types of jewellery. It is for this reason that they are unique and the moment one picks them, they are certain to enhance the appearance of their outfit in as much as they give it a little touch of class.

2. Versatility

This type of jewellery is so diverse because it can be worn with any type of clothing and during any part of the year. It is appropriate to wear it with traditional clothes for formal appearances, or with modern clothes for a trendy appearance. Both daily and during special occasions, there is no doubt that Oxidised jewellery can work for any particular setting.

3. Intricate Designs

Oxidation contributes to the details of the jewellery where designs become even more sharp and attractive to the eyes. For this reason, Oxidised pieces are preferred by those who love to see intricate workmanship and creations.

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Different Styles of Oxidised Jewellery

There are many forms of Oxidised jewellery; each type seems to have its appeal. 

1. Oxidised Necklaces

Oxidised necklaces are well known for those who like thick and substantial designs. These necklaces range from massive chunky pieces that have ethnic patterns to fine chokers with contemporary designs for enhanced styling.

Oxidised Silver Vivid Vibe Set

2. Oxidised Earrings

Oxidised Silver Pearl Dangle Earrings

Jhumkas and chandbalis in the oxidised finish are very elaborate while others include studs and hoop earrings. Their style and the fact that they are all reminiscent of antiques allows them to be worn as accessories to both classics and avant-garde costumes. The oxidised earrings bring a unique touch to your personality.

3. Oxidised Bangles and Bracelets

These oxidised bangles and bracelets can be worn multiple at a time or on its own as it is a piece that makes a strong style statement. They are frequently adorned with elaborate engravings or other designs, which serve to lend a classic appeal to your wrist.

Oxidised Silver Tribal Cuff Bracelet

4. Oxidised Rings

Oxidised rings can be diverse in styles: majestic cocktail rings or thin bands. Because of their complicated work and black plating they will look uniquely in any collection of jewels.

Oxidised Silver Turquoise Ring

5. Stepped Anklets and Toe Rings

Other interesting pieces of jewellery include oxidised anklets and toe rings that give a free-spirited boho vibe. These pieces are best worn on ethnic occasions and provide a delicate touch of glamour to your appearance.Oxidised Silver Blossom Toe ring 

Get Beautifully Designed Oxidised Jewellery with GIVA 

Oxidised jewellery, a combination of fine art for making modern ornaments, is surely stored in every woman’s wish list. Its appearance in the style of the beginning of the century, coupled with the fact that it can look appropriate for different occasions, is one of the reasons why many people like this item. Regardless of whether you want to add a traditional touch to your outfit or want to incorporate something more rebellious in nature, with Oxidised jewellery, the options are endless. With all these factors, GIVA is bringing a magnificent collection of oxidised jewellery that allows your classic beauty to capture the feel of your dressing code. We let you try the ancient styles that mix up with the latest trends and make you look classy!
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