A Guide To Anniversary Jewellery For Her

A Guide To Anniversary Jewellery For Her

Celebrating your journey of love shouldn’t have to wait for occasions like Valentine’s day. You can always celebrate in an equally grand manner on anniversaries and surprise your loved ones with gifts. 

Your safest bet for a wedding anniversary gift would be to pick some jewellery as it would never disappoint her. Here we have some of the best options for wedding anniversary jewellery that you can go ahead with, without thinking twice.

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  • First-year Anniversary with Some Gold-toned Jewellery:

Your first anniversary is the most special and deserves some gold-plated jewellery as it represents the preciousness of your journey so far and the memories you have shared. 

A lot of times women don’t like to go with the usual gold jewellery and thus you can also opt for rose gold jewellery. We suggest you go for a gold or rose gold ring to stack with the engagement ring and make your first anniversary together really special.

The Anushka Sharma Golden Star Constellation Pendant Set is the perfect set for western as well as Indian attire. 

  • Five Year Anniversary with Coloured Gemstones:

Your five-year anniversary is a big deal. Why not celebrate it with colourful gemstone jewellery to add some hues into her jewellery pandora box and a wider smile on her face. This time, give her some sapphire or emerald earrings that go so well with sarees and all Indo-western outfits. 

The Silver Emerald Green Halo Stud Earrings with the right green hues are elegance at its best!

  • Tenth Year Anniversary with Pearls:

Amongst the many other things, pearls signify serenity and convey a sense of safety. Often considered a moon symbol, these also symbolise loyalty, integrity, and purity and thus make for the perfect tenth-year wedding anniversary jewellery pick. 

This time, surprise her with a pretty pearl set and watch her cherish this gift forever. 

The Silver Angel Hearts Set with a pearl pendant and zircon earrings, is the best of both worlds. 

A wedding anniversary is a truly memorable occasion and your loved ones deserve nothing less than a precious jewellery piece to commemorate this day. These were some of our best picks for every milestone you reach and keep on adding to those sweet moments spent together. Looking for gifts for your family and friends on other such memorable occasions? Check out our latest feature, Gift Genie here

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