6 Unforgettable Ways to Ask 'Be My Valentine' This Year

6 Unforgettable Ways to Ask 'Be My Valentine' This Year

With Valentine's Day whispering sweet nothings in the air, the quest for the most heart-stirring way to ask that pivotal question, "Will you be my Valentine?" becomes more enchanting. This isn't just about grand gestures; it's about finding a moment of pure connection, a creative expression of love that resonates deeply. 

Whether your love story reads like a Bollywood romance or a poetic sonnet, this guide offers 6 creative Valentine's Day ideas to express your feelings in ways that are as unique and memorable as your love. So, let's embark on this journey of love, creativity, and romance.


Cinematic Romance

Bollywood Proposal

Embrace the dramatic flair of Bollywood by proposing with a Silver Be Mine Ring. This gesture is not just about the ring; it's about creating a moment that feels like it's straight out of a romantic blockbuster. The silver's elegance and the ring's symbolic meaning make it a timeless choice. Perfect for those who share a love for Bollywood's romantic tales, this proposal idea promises a story-worthy "yes."

Captured in Frames and Heartbeats

Make A Video Edit

In the digital age, a custom video montage stands out as one of the most creative Valentine's Day ideas. Compile clips of shared moments, adding your personal narrative to create a visual love letter. This modern twist on storytelling allows you to express your journey and emotions uniquely, making it an ideal backdrop to ask, "Will you be my Valentine?"


A Box Brimming with Love and Memories

Send a Gift Box with a Note

Unlock a world of emotions with the Pehla Pyaar Combo Box. This collection isn't just about the items inside; it's a vessel for your shared memories and dreams. Accompanied by a heartfelt note, this gift box becomes a treasure trove of your affection, making it one of the most romantic gifts and a charming way to ask someone to be your Valentine.


Melodic Confessions

Dedicate A Song

Music has the extraordinary power to evoke emotions and memories. Dedicate your crush's favourite song, infused with your love, as a public testament of your feelings. Whether through a radio dedication or a social media serenade, this approach combines the universal language of music with personal sentiment, offering a melodious way to convey your Valentine's proposal.


A Love Pendant

A Personalised Jewellery

Nothing says "Be My Valentine" quite like personalised jewellery. A Love Pendant, customised with a heartfelt message, is not just a gift; it's a keepsake of this significant moment. It symbolises the thoughtfulness and depth of your feelings, offering a tangible reminder of your affection and the beauty of asking someone to be your Valentine.


Written in the Stars

Star Map

Capture the night sky of a significant date in your relationship with a customised star map. This unique gift illustrates that your love was destined, aligning the stars in your favour. It's a poetic and creative way to ask someone to be your Valentine, highlighting the cosmic connection between you two.

Crafting Moments with GIVA!

This Valentine's Day, let your heart speak through actions that resonate with love and creativity. Each of these unforgettable ways to ask someone to be your Valentine is designed to leave a lasting impression, combining the allure of tradition with the excitement of innovation. 

Our Red Romance collection offers the perfect accompaniments to these proposals, adding a sparkle of elegance to your heartfelt gestures. Explore GIVA and find the ideal Valentine’s Day gift to complement your unique Valentine's Day proposal.

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