6 Meaningful Personalised Jewellery Gifts for Moms to Wear Their Children's Names

6 Meaningful Personalised Jewellery Gifts for Moms to Wear Their Children's Names

Motherhood is a journey filled with love, memories, and an everlasting bond between a mother and her children. In celebrating this unique relationship, personalised jewellery holds a special place. Our collection of personalised jewellery for mom offers a way to cherish this bond in a fashionable and meaningful manner. 

These personalised jewellery gifts are not just adornments but symbols of love, carrying the names of those held dearest. This blog explores 6 exquisite pieces from GIVA, each a perfect personalised jewellery gift, allowing moms to elegantly showcase their children’s names.

Embrace eternal love

Personalised Endless Love Pendant

The Personalised Endless Love Pendant with a circle design and red stoned heart is more than an accessory; it symbolises unending maternal love. The sliding mechanism reveals a customised message, making it a deeply personal and touching gift. This piece from GIVA’s personalised jewellery collection resonates with the sentiment every mother cherishes – the eternal bond with her children.

Style meets sentiment

Engraved Name Bracelet

Engraved Name Bracelet combines the warmth of rose gold with the intimacy of a nameplate for engraving. It’s a fashionable way for moms to keep their children’s names close, with the added sparkle of a zircon. Ideal as a personalised jewellery for her, this bracelet is a daily reminder of the love and connection shared with her children.

A heart full of messages

Personalised Amour Pendant

Personalised Amour Pendant with zircon edges opens up to reveal a personal message, offering moms a special way to carry heartfelt words from their children. It’s an elegant piece from GIVA’s collection, perfect as a personalised jewellery gift, symbolising the nurturing and loving nature of motherhood.

Classic elegance

Engraved Pendant

The sleek rose gold Engraved Pendant with space for engraving is a modern and stylish way for moms to wear their children's names. Its simplicity and elegance make it versatile for any outfit, making it an ideal personalised jewellery gift that combines fashion with sentimental value.

Celebrate her journey

Personalised Eternal Necklace

This Golden Personalised Eternal Necklace, customizable with a name, is a minimalist yet chic choice. It’s a meaningful way for moms to display their children’s names, blending seamlessly with any style. This necklace from GIVA’s personalised jewellery collection is a testament to the enduring bond between a mother and her children.

Honour her heritage

Hindi Name Pendant

The Hindi Name Pendant allows moms to connect with their roots by wearing their children's names in Hindi script. It's a unique piece that reflects cultural pride and maternal love, making it a special addition to GIVA’s personalised jewellery collection for moms.

Express Love with GIVA’s Personalised Jewellery!

Celebrate the beautiful journey of motherhood with GIVA’s collection of personalised jewellery for moms. Every design covered here is a wonderful personalised jewellery gift. These pieces are more than just jewellery; they are tokens of love and memories, making them perfect for any mom who cherishes the bond with her children.
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