A testament to the modern bride's love for tradition and trend

5 Statement Maang Tika for the Bold Millennial Bride

Weddings, a carousel of colours and emotions, are not just ceremonies but the epitome of cultural richness. In the heart of these vibrant festivities lies the bride, a vision of grace and trends. Among her beauty, the Maang Tika stands out – a traditional jewel reimagined for the bold millennial bride.

Maang Tikas are statements of personality and style. From delicate craftsmanship to contemporary designs, these pieces are the narrators of stories, the bearers of heritage. Let's explore these 5 statement Maang Tikas that promise to add a sparkle to your special day, and perhaps, become a treasured heirloom for the generations to come.

Say Shava Shava Maang Tikka
Embrace the rhythm of traditions with a modern beat

Say Shava Shava Maang Tikka

Delve into the rhythm of your big day with the Say Shava Shava Maang Tikka. This golden marvel, adorned with two half-flower motifs, rose-cut glass stones, and pearls, symbolises the fusion of tradition with contemporary style. It's designed for the bride who dances to the beat of her own drum, carrying her heritage forward with a modern twist. The intricate craftsmanship and shimmering pearls lend an air of sophistication, perfect for the bride who desires to make a statement of elegance and culture.

Navrai Maajhi Maang Tikka
Where Traditional Charm Meets Contemporary Elegance

Navrai Maajhi Maang Tikka

The Navrai Maajhi Maang Tikka in its splendid rose gold hue, is a dream woven into reality. Its enchanting floral motif, adorned with rose-cut glass stones and dangling pearls, whispers stories of love and legacy. This piece is a tribute to the bride who adorns herself not just with jewels, but with the essence of poetic grace. It's versatile, radiant, and undeniably exquisite, making it the perfect choice for the bride who seeks to blend the lines between the past and the present.

Banno Maang Tikka
A heartfelt tribute to eternal love and elegance

Banno Maang Tikka

The Banno Maang Tikka stands out with its unique rose gold allure. Featuring dual flower motifs and a heart design, it's a symbol of love that transcends time. The rose-cut glass stones and pearls add a touch of eternal beauty, mirroring the bride's own timeless elegance. This piece is not just an accessory; it's a celebration of the bride's journey, her dreams, and her unending grace.

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Imperial Bridal Maang Tikka
For the empress of your fairytale

Imperial Bridal Maang Tikka

Make your bridal look unforgettable with the Imperial Bridal Maang Tikka. This golden piece, with its teardrop design and a blend of zircons and red stones, is crafted for royalty. It's more than a jewel; it's a statement of power, beauty, and the richness of traditions. Perfect for the bride who is not just a participant in her wedding but the reigning empress of her love story.

Sawaar Loon Maang tikka
A melody of elegance for your new beginning

Sawaar Loon Maang Tikka

The Sawaar Loon Maang Tikka is a golden ode to new beginnings. With its flower motif and rose-cut glass stones, accompanied by three elegant danglers, this piece is a harmony of tradition and trend. It's designed for the bride who is ready to step into her new life with grace, carrying with her the melodies of her heritage.

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