Make your birthday special with blue-coloured stone jewellery!

5 Sparkling Blue-Stone Jewellery Fits for September Queens

September borns are like dazzling sapphires - beautiful, bright, and precious. As the birthstone for September, sapphire jewellery is a fitting choice to celebrate another trip around the sun.

Sapphire jewellery designs add an eye-catching pop of brilliance to any September queen's wardrobe. In this blog, we'll explore the meaning behind sapphire and discover 5 sparkling sapphire jewellery picks that are perfect for September babies.

The Meaning of Sapphire, the Birthstone of September

Sapphire has long symbolised truth, sincerity and faithfulness. The ancient Persians believed the earth rested on a giant sapphire and its reflection coloured the sky. This gives sapphire the aura of protection and divinity.

Sapphires range in hue from rich blue to velvety purple to pinkish orange. But the most coveted shade is a vivid royal blue. Sapphire's durability and luxurious colour make it a gem fit for royalty. Even Kate Middleton wears Princess Diana's iconic sapphire engagement ring. Overall, sapphire represents wisdom, loyalty, and nobility - fitting for September Queens.

Silver Sapphire Blue Halo Earringssapphire halo earrings feature an elegant teardrop design circled by a halo of tiny blue stones. The dazzling effect is eye-catching without being overstated. These earrings are perfect for adding a pop of brightness to a September babe's look.

Their versatile design complements both dressy and casual wear. The silver setting gives these earrings a polished yet understated elegance. Any September queen will treasure these halo earrings as a beloved sapphire jewellery staple.

Rose Gold Sapphire Alley Set
Perfect fit for sapphire queens!

Rose Gold Sapphire Alley Set

This exquisite rose gold and blue stone jewellery set is fit for September royalty. The rose gold set has a gorgeous centrepiece with blue-coloured stones placed at the end. It is inspired by romance musicals that warm our hearts.

The warm rose gold provides a striking yet romantic contrast to the vivid blue jewels. This alley set is perfect for sophisticated September queens.

Silver Sapphire Brilliance Ring
The ring that takes centre stage

Silver Sapphire Brilliance Ring

This brilliant sterling silver sapphire ring allows the charming blue stone to take centre stage. The ring features a minimalist design, allowing the charming sapphire-coloured stone to command attention.

The perfect blend of silver and blue hues provides the perfect backdrop for the mesmerising brilliance of this ring for women. This dazzling sapphire ring will make any September queen feel like royalty every time she slips it on her finger.

Oxidised Silver Blue Ocean Nose Pin
Oxidised silver waves cradle a glistening sapphire stone

Oxidised Silver Blue Ocean Nose Pin

This oxidised silver-blue ocean nose pin features an exquisite design that resembles ocean waves. The sterling silver is artfully oxidised to create contrast. Nestled between the silver waves is a glistening round sapphire.

This precious blue jewel evokes images of the serene sea. The unique design of this sapphire jewellery nose pin embodies the September queen's beauty, depth and magnetism. It's an elegant statement piece that will add boho flair to any look.

Silver Royal Blue Glimpse Ring
A ring that will protect you for life!

Silver Royal Blue Glimpse Ring

This sterling silver blue glimpse ring has an eye-catching an eye shape with sparkling zircons on the water lines and a royal blue stone on the pupil. This gives the impression of gazing into a sapphire iris.

The striking blue stone seems to stare back at the admirer with a knowing glimpse. This majestic sapphire ring is full of beauty, spirit and vision - a perfect adornment for a September queen.

Celebrate your birthday with sparkling sapphire jewellery!

Sapphire's stunning hues and legendary lore make it the perfect gem to honour September's queens. Sapphire jewellery adds a touch of luxury and vivid beauty to autumn's arrival.

From dazzling earrings to majestic statement rings, and sparkling blue stone picks, GIVA fine jewellery collection brings to you a range of gorgeous picks that September borns will cherish forever.

So, treat the September queen in your life to sparkling jewels that reflect her wisdom, sincerity and vision. Give them a perfect birthday gift that they'll adore all year round!

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