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5 Bridal Jewellery Trends for 2023

In big, fat Indian weddings, bridal jewellery stands as a timeless testament to beauty and tradition. As 2023 unfolds, we're witnessing a stunning renaissance in bridal adornments, where old-world charm meets contemporary flair.

Every bridal jewellery is an emotion, a legacy, a whisper from the past speaking to modern elegance. So, Let's explore top 5 bridal jewellery trends for 2023, where each piece of jewellery for the bride is a celebration of femininity, heritage, and artisanal mastery.

Golden Glorious Flower Set
The Golden Glory of Bridal Dreams

Heavy Golden Jewellery Set

A majestic heavy golden set, featuring a central flower motif surrounded by leaf-like vines, all intricately set with shimmering zircons. Golden Glorious Flower Set is a tribute to the opulence and grandeur of bridal attire.

Best paired with a richly hued traditional lehenga or saree, this set commands attention. Opt for subtle makeup and minimal other accessories to let the set shine. It's perfect for the bride who embraces her roots yet wants to make a bold statement.

Musli Neck Cuff Necklace
A Bridal Symphony of Flowers and Finesse

Floral-Inspired Jewellery

The Musli Neck Cuff Necklace is a symphony of nature-inspired elements. Safed Musli motifs, delicately crafted on either side, are complemented by vibrant green enamel leaves and glimmering zircons. This piece celebrates femininity and grace, bringing a touch of spring to the bridal ensemble.

Pair it up with a pastel-toned or floral-themed lehenga for a springtime wedding look, this necklace adds a touch of femininity. Its delicate details harmonise beautifully with soft, flowing fabrics and gentle colours.

Geometric Link Choker
A Modern Spin on Bridal Chokers


The Geometric Link Choker is a modern masterpiece. It beautifully marries rose gold circles with silver zircon-studded squares, creating an eye-catching pattern. This piece is a nod to the contemporary bride who dares to be different, blending modern design with traditional bridal aesthetics.

This choker shines brightest against high-neck blouses or off-shoulder gowns, making a modern fashion statement. Its unique design complements both traditional and contemporary bridal looks with panache.

Silver Skeletal Hand Pendant
Tradition Reimagined


The Colourful Nose Ring with Chain is a splendid mix of tradition and colour. This vintage-inspired nath, with its vibrant design and attached chain, adds a royal touch to the bridal look. It's a symbol of Indian bridal beauty, carrying with it centuries of cultural significance.

This trendy bridal jewellery piece pairs wonderfully with classic sarees or lehengas, allowing the nath to be a focal point. Keep other facial jewellery simple to let this vintage-inspired piece stand out.

Gleaming Bridal Drop Earrings
Long, Lustrous Earrings for the Modern Bride

Long Dangling Earrings

The Gleaming Bridal Drop Earrings are a testament to sophisticated glamour. Adorned with intricate flower motifs and studded with zircons, they cascade elegantly, adding a touch of drama to the bridal look. These earrings blend tradition and contemporary design, perfect for the modern bride.

These bridal earrings demand a sleek updo or a neatly pulled-back hairstyle to display their beauty fully. Pair them with a subdued necklace or go necklace-free for a balanced, striking look.

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As we wrap up our journey through the enchanting world of 2023's bridal jewellery trends, we invite you to embrace these timeless jewellery for brides. Each trend we've explored - from the regal golden sets to the whimsical floral designs, the bold chokers, the traditional naths, and the statement dangling earrings - is a testament to the art of fine jewellery.

Remember, your wedding day is a canvas, and you are the artist. Let these bridal jewellery trends inspire you to paint your story with strokes of elegance, tradition, and modern flair. And as you step into your new life, may these jewels not just adorn your attire, but also reflect the radiance of your soul. Discover these and more in GIVA fine jewellery collection - where every piece is a promise of forever!

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