5 Anniversary Rings for the Couple Celebrating Their First Year

5 Anniversary Rings for the Couple Celebrating Their First Year

Imagine capturing the essence of a year's journey with your soulmate in a ring—a circle of endless love, laughter, and shared dreams. As the pages of your story unfold, each moment gleams like a precious stone set in the heart of eternity. Your first anniversary is not just a celebration of 365 days gone by, but a toast to the infinite moments yet to dance in the light of your love. 

Couple rings are the silent witnesses to your whispered promises, gentle caresses, and the shared silence that speaks volumes. As you step into the next chapter of your life, let these curated picks of 5 couple rings from GIVA be the emblem of your past, present, and the future you dream to weave together!


Eternal Love

Vintage Couple Bands

Vintage Couple Bands are a token of enduring love, featuring a minimal design with a modern twist. The women’s ring dazzles with carefully placed zircons, echoing the sparkle of your relationship, while the men’s ring showcases a refined, plain elegance, representing the strength and stability of your bond. These rings are perfect for couples who cherish classic beauty and wish to carry a symbol of their everlasting love.


Celebrating Companionship

Deer Couple Rings

Embodying the spirit of adventure, these Deer Couple Rings capture the essence of a wild and graceful love. The intricate deer and stag horn designs reflect the unique paths that brought you together, making them an ideal anniversary gift for couples who share a love for nature and each other’s individuality.


Journey Together

Sea Meets Hills Couple Bands

Inspired by the diverse landscapes of life, Sea Meets Hills Couple Bands represent the dynamic journey of your relationship. The contrasting designs of waves and hills on each ring symbolise the beautiful interplay between movement and stability, challenge and comfort, making them a special Anniversary gift for couples who have embraced life’s highs and lows together.


Perfectly Paired

Better TWOgether Couple Rings

Better TWOgether Couple Rings, with their distinct zircon embellishments, celebrate the idea that being together makes everything better. The differing sizes of the zircons represent how each partner brings their strength and sparkle to the relationship, making these rings a thoughtful Anniversary gift for the couple that complements each other perfectly.


Contemporary Expression of Love

Geometric Couple Bands

With their bold zigzag pattern, Geometric Couple Bands stand out as a symbol of the modern couple. The geometric design reflects your relationship's multifaceted nature, celebrating its complexities and harmonies. These rings are stylish for couples seeking a contemporary symbol of their first year together.

A Symbol of Your Love with GIVA!

As you celebrate your first anniversary, let these couple rings be a reminder of the love, laughter, and lessons of your first year together. At GIVA, every jewellery is carefully crafted and imbued with meaning, is a mark to your journey, and a promise for the years to come.

Explore our fine jewellery collection and choose the best Anniversary gift that resonates with your heart!

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