3 Gift Ideas for a Baby Girl

3 Gift Ideas for a Baby Girl

Your bestie has just had an adorable baby girl. Between moments of adoringly gazing at her cute face and holding this squirming little human with her tiny everything – her cute button nose, her delicate fingers and toes, you know you want to give this little bundle of joy something she can remember you by. We bet you are at your wit’s end because babies outgrow toys and clothes. Stop panicking! Read on to make a lasting impression on this tiny tot with a gift she will treasure.

See No Evil

As babies, most of us were victims of copious kajal applications! All that stands out in those faded photographs were thick lines of kajal from one end of our face to the other! But who can blame our parents? All they wanted to do was ward off the evil eye. Thank goodness this is a thing of the past. You can gift the little queen something that not only wards off negative energy but also looks trendy and that can be worn with anything her mommy dresses her up in. Go for something that’s contemporary in design but still echoes our beliefs and values, like say, an ornament with black beads. And if it’s in rose gold polish, you’ll nail it!

Hear No Evil

You’re waiting for the little diva to get her ears pierced so you can gift her something unique and timeless. Something she can add to her earring stack when she is all grown up. We like how you think! Pick something quirky and fun that she can sport as a baby and then years later, add to her growing jewellery collection as a teenager or adult.

Speak No Evil

This little bundle of contradictions deserves nothing but the best! For her first cereal meal, why not give her something so special, she’ll save it till she has a cooing baby of her own? Something that yells, “Born with a silver spoon”. You can gift a set with a plate, a bowl, and a spoon, or just a simple yet elegant silver spoon. She’ll look back to those days sitting in her high chair and being fed the most delicious food you treated her to.

Daughters are treasures. They are moody, argumentative, sullen, and absolute rays of sunshine. The birth of a girl is momentous. She could be your niece, a friend’s daughter, or even a colleague’s child. Follow our suggestions and be remembered and cherished by this cherubic angel for years to come.

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